Slack Integrations – 5 Plugins to Boost Communication


Slack is a popular way for businesses to maintain organization-wide communication. Because of how effective Slack is, a lot of software systems and other apps are now integrated with it. It’s important to use Slack in cooperation with other systems to maximize results. Here are five powerful Slack integrations to upgrade your company’s operations.

1. WordPress

Use the Slack plugin on WordPress to streamline communication between copywriters and marketers. WordPress is software used to create blogs and websites. The integration lets team members send blog post notifications inside WordPress through Slack. The benefit to this is more connected, informed teams. Another benefit is efficient projects and superior interdepartmental communication.

The WordPress integration takes a lot of pressure off admins, who receive instant notifications via Slack. These messages inform in detail of when posts are published and what type of traffic and interaction they receive.

A screenshot of the WordPress platform.
WordPress is a common resource that integrates effectively with Slack.

2. Canto Digital Asset Management

Canto’s digital asset management (DAM) stores and organizes valuable digital assets including images, videos and ebooks. Integrate with Slack to boost the benefits of DAM and help further commutative environments. Where this integration really shines is its notification of changes to assets through the messaging system. Due to Canto DAM’s connected database of assets, users can share and edit files in a central library. With Slack, they can give instant feedback about edits.

A lot of organizations will love the integration because of the ability to share assets directly from the DAM on Slack. This gives background to uploaded assets via comments and messages sent alongside the asset. Users will know what the file is for, which department is meant to receive it and any other relevant data.

A screenshot of the Canto interface.
Digital asset management is an ideal integration for Slack users.

3. Invision

Invision is a strong app for web designers and developers. The thing that makes it stand out among similar apps is the potential to collaborate with team members during a project. Invision also integrates with Slack, which ensures sharing links during a campaign is painless. The integration with Slack saves time by preventing users from having to login to numerous platforms.

The integration mainly boosts communication for teams. This is because projects can be shared immediately with other members. In particular, any amendments to a design are shared. Also, comments among team members are accurate and relevant.

A screenshot of the Invision app.
Invision has a strong collaboration aspect to it.

4. GitHub

GitHub connects teams to work on projects together in a shared channel. The integration with Slack keeps members notified of changes in project activity. The most valuable function of this plugin is the tailored notifications of GitHub to Slack. Users can set which types of GitHub events show up on Slack.

A feature that makes GitHub an essential plugin within Slack is the action commands within a Slack conversation that prompt GitHub action. For example, if an issue is resolved via Slack, typing a coded prompt will have GitHub respond to this issue as closed. This instant direction between the programs takes efficiency to a whole new level.

A screenshot of the GitHub interface.
GitHub lets teams work in tighter communication through Slack.

5. MailChimp

MailChimp automates marketing which saves time and effort. The integration with Slack makes sure the automated campaigns are successful. A powerful feature of this app is the notifications of whether a consumer has subscribed or unsubscribed. This allows teams to easily create databases of information concerning campaigns.

Mailchimp keeps all necessary details of a project in one location. This includes all relevant marketing details, data and analysis. Furthermore, the Slack integration builds off this feature by minimizing excessive unnecessary communication that might occur otherwise.

The MailChimp interface.
MailChimp is a huge boost to marketing.

Slack offers companies the chance to connect their employees digitally and boost communication. Its extensive integrations further this and more. Make sure you take advantage of the different ways its integrations create opportunity for your business.