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4 reasons why switching to Canto can be worth it

by Canto  |  December 13, 2019

3 min. read
Canto usage

Companies worldwide have relied on Cumulus for more than 25 years to organize their digital assets. With its flexible configuration and powerful asset engine, Cumulus is a standard for on-premise digital asset management. Yet many organizations are switching to Canto’s cloud solution. Why is that – and when is it worth it?

1 Canto reduces complexity

There are many possible work processes that can be mapped with Cumulus on-premise DAM. However, Cumulus’ unique feature set also requires a level of complexity that requires project planning and duration. On-premise projects can hardly be set up ad hoc. With deep technical product knowledge, Cumulus can be customized for highly complicated, very specific use cases.

Many customers are trying to simplify their work processes. Canto offers an excellent balance – a modern user experience, with simple Admin controls and a user-friendly feature set.

canto workspace

2 Get started with Canto quickly

Canto is intuitive and offers Admins a platform that is easy to set up. The power to customize the interface to your branding makes it even easier for teams to feel at ease. Canto’s great user experience eliminates the need for lengthy training and education. End users can quickly find what they are looking for.

This allows companies to get up and running with Canto very quickly. Where Cumulus often requires an IT project of its own, Canto can be set up instantly and configured for your team within a few business days. This makes Canto the ideal choice for anyone who needs a DAM that is easy to set up and maintain.

3 Canto can save costs

Cost is always a consideration. With an on-premise licensing model like Cumulus, the initial cost of purchasing a license is relatively high and the payback period is longer. Due to the complexity of the projects, consultants are often required to make adjustments to the system.

In contrast, Canto’s costs are more stable and predictable. Instead of software, Canto gives our customers a service they can access anytime, from anywhere with login credentials. And contrary to on-premise, no hardware upgrades or other investments are required. The subscription covers all costs. More memory, user accounts or integrations can be added at any time.

The biggest advantage for customers: Canto is a true cloud solution, based on Amazon Web Services with a global CDN that scales to meet your performance needs at no extra cost. Running such a solution yourself would not be profitable for the vast majority of companies. With Canto, on the other hand, this service is included.
Canto offers easy team collaboration

4 Canto frees IT resources

Cumulus’ extensive configuration capabilities require in-house expertise. Typically, companies have one or more people in the organization whose primary role is to support Cumulus. With years of experience in digital asset management, Cumulus can handle complex workflows and provide a powerful, long-term system.

However, staff turnover often pose major problems for companies. The person in charge of DAM often has years of experience that cannot be replaced in the short term. In addition, proven experts in digital asset management incur high personnel costs and are often difficult to find. In many cases, a well-maintained DAM has to be closed because there is no one who can continue to operate it. Canto is a very good solution in such cases because it makes it much easier to maintain and handover the system to business users. Canto is typically managed by Marketing or Creative personnel.

Is Canto worth it for me?

Customers migrate to Canto who:

  1. want to save costs
  2. want to reduce the complexity of their workflows and tools
  3. want to start soon without long drawn out IT projects
  4. do not have their own IT or do not have the necessary resources

Our DAM experts will show you the advantages and potential savings in your specific case. Simply make an appointment with us and we’ll work with you to see what Canto can do for you.