Team Collaboration – Unique New Strategies


Break free from stale ideas to benefit from a hyper-creative team collaboration. Ignore mundane cooperation strategies and focus on ways to push boundaries and creativity. Implement these unique team success methods.

Enhance Creative Output by Varying Single and Multi-User Creation

Individualism remains important even during collaborative projects. Creativity flourishes in different environments, so vary work time to include some self-focused endeavors. Peer-to-peer workshops link the individual work back into the collaborative environment successfully.

Leave room for individual work throughout a project.

Team members will inevitably differ in their creative preferences, some requiring working with teammates to come up with ideas, some needing their own thoughts. Balancing both of these throughout a team collaboration process is key to boosting creativity.

Change Compels Team Members to Excel and Be More Creative

New perspectives drive creativity and productivity. Stagnation is a common problem with team collaboration, even when a diverse, multi-department team is constructed for a project. Be prepared to interchange team members when possible from day-to-day or week-to-week. If that’s not a possibility, look for other ways to bring about changes in the collaboration.

Alter group dynamics to keep members on their toes. Bring in different team leaders to cater to different member personality types. This also provides different angles on the project ideas. Make sure to take note of which groupings are working best so that in future situations those groups receive more focus. This creates alert teams throughout each project.

Changing team dynamics keeps creativity high.

Push Beyond Team Collaboration Tools

There are multitudes of systems that boost team collaboration and almost all businesses use them. The only way to get an edge is to creatively enhance the tools you already use. One such way is by taking advantage of crucial integrations that can further team collaboration.

For example, Slack and Google Drive both help teams collaborate quickly and efficiently. They both also integrate with digital asset management systems. Canto DAM is one such integration that has all the components businesses need to take the next step in team collaboration. Integrating with DAM allows for more connected teams sharing creative ideas and files with one another.

Too often team collaborations are pieced together with cookie-cutter standards and ideas, and this doesn’t allow for the maximum creative output. Continually seek out new ways to challenge the way you have always done things.