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The Honest Kitchen builds relationships with 4,000+ retailers

by Catherine Chiang  |  August 19, 2019

2 min. read
The Honest Kitchen Canto Portal

For consumer brands, managing relationships with retailers is essential to meeting growing consumer expectations of convenient and streamlined shopping experiences. In this increasingly digital age, it’s not just products moving between brands and retailers – it’s also visual assets.

The challenge for many consumer brands is providing a smooth and professional way to share assets with their retailers, and that’s where digital asset management (DAM) can help. We’ve had the pleasure of helping many of our customers streamline the way they share assets with retailers and distributors, strengthening those key relationships.

Chris Freyer, marketing specialist at The Honest Kitchen, joined us to share how he uses Canto to share assets with over 4,000 retailers.

Sharing assets with retailers using Portals

Canto Portals are libraries separate from the main asset library that are customizable and configured to share content to users with limited privileges. The Honest Kitchen uses Portals to share product photos and lifestyle photography with their 4,000+ retailers.

“Before Canto, we didn’t have a way to get all these assets to our retailers. Now, it’s really easy,” said Chris.

Customizing the Portal for a professional, branded experience

The Honest Kitchen Canto Portal

Chris set up a public portal with a custom URL so that anyone with the link can access it. He further customized it with a lifestyle background image, The Honest Kitchen logo and custom album covers to give the portal a branded and professional look.

“Once I had [the portal] done and shared it with upper management, they were really impressed,” said Chris.

Simple set up and user-friendly interface

Chris loves the search functionality of portals, which makes it easy for retailers to find what they need without having to make requests for individual assets. In addition, the portal was simple to put together; he estimates that it took him just a few hours to create the portal, receive feedback from the team, and finalize it. Portals are also easily maintained and updated. Once the assets are in the right folders, it’s simply a matter of syncing the content.

“We know retailers are using it because we see images pop up in places like social media ads. Portals have helped strengthen our relationship with sales reps and stores,” said Chris.

To learn how retail brands can benefit from a digital asset management (DAM) solution like Canto, watch the recorded webinar here.