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Variety – The spice of life

by Cory Schmidt  |  October 6, 2017

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Because some like their branding consistency hot.

Your digital asset management system is a true treasure trove. One of the treasured doubloons, is the integrated CHILI publisher, an online document editor that allows brands to streamline marketing activities within corporate brand design guidelines. DAM intelligence meets hands-on solution for marketing material generation? We talked to Kevin Goeminne, CEO of CHILI publish.

What’s the biggest challenge brands and marketeers are facing today?

With stakeholder communication tools evolving so rapidly, many of our brand marketeers nowadays struggle to consistently cover all digital, print and social channels. What they seem to struggle most with, is:

1. Time-to-market

Brand design and marketing material creation are expected to be signed, sealed, delivered in one week’s time. No can do without a spread workflow and disconnected work system. Time-to-market can be optimized by involving the entire organization in the creation process.

2. Campaign-driven mindset

Create once, repurpose often. Be more creative with the tools templates at hand – use the design for your countertop, window shop, Facebook banner – by using CHILI publisher you can do it without burdening production. Why not allocate this freed-up budget for A/B testing?

How did you come about the DAM connection and how easy is it for brands to make the best use of CP within their DAM?

If you have invested in good and correct image material, leveraging that investment seemed like the next logical step to us. Facebook and Google are leading examples of how you can connect your data streams to your production tools. The intelligence is in the DAM, someone just has to work it. By using the online document editor, brand owners can exert so much control on how marketing material gets created and launched for output, that even non-prepress people can create it. That way you can lighten the load on the marketing department and redirect some responsibility towards other departments. Empower Marketing to be creatives again, not miracle workers.

What would you say is the most undervalued or underused benefit of a DAM system?

1. notification system

The value of content lies in the value you attribute to that value. If content is added, but nobody knows, what good can it do? Or how good can you repurpose it?

2. search system

The DAM is so smart, it can actually be set up to deliver auto-suggested content. It will advise you on what you need before you even know you’ll be needing it. See how it will boost your creative mindset?

How does CP match the consistency with the creativity in marketing?

CHILI publisher does not interfere with creativity – it doesn’t limit it. By weeding out the tedious jobs, we’re actually enabling creatives to get more creative. You can’t imagine how many art directors get back to us saying how they love how our solution frees up creative time in their department.

What will the future bring next for brands? (3 long/short term predictions)

– Innovation does not stop at your latest implementation. Integration is the way forward in the uberizing co-creation society.

– Personalization is here to stay – e-commerce will drive personalized packages. Stay hungry and informed. (use industry tips and tricks!)

– Don’t lose your flexibility – your consumer’s personal preference can be either an opportunity or a threat. Stay on top of your game.