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5 tips for creating a slogan that pulls customers in

by Casey Schmidt  |  October 25, 2019

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A chalkboard that says 'Words have power'.

A slogan incorporates all the positives of a company in a brief sentence of creativity, passion and informative value. Creating one takes a lot of planning and constant updating. Here’s a guide that breaks the whole process down.

What is a slogan?

A slogan is a motto that is enduring and tied to a group, representing their purpose or ideals. The goal of a slogan is to convince a target audience to buy a product or service, or believe in something. Companies use slogans as a way to allow customers to identify their brand.

Here are 5 simple tips that will help you create a fascinating slogan:

1. Make it unique

This takes quite a bit of research, both into your own slogan and into other company’s slogans. Before creating your motto, make absolutely sure that it stands out, especially in comparison to your competitors. If you end up with a slogan too close to an already existing one, it will be ineffective and customers will know right away that you’ve blundered. Therefore, focus your initial research around your own slogan. Next, compare it to other company taglines to see if it’s unique.

A slogan on a tag.
Whatever your slogan is, make it stand out from others.

2. Aim toward your intended audience

When crafting a slogan, keep in mind your target audience. They are the most important piece of the puzzle and your phrase should intrigue them. There are different types of sayings to consider, each catering to a different demographic. For example, if you are a fitness company, activity might be something you target in your slogan. Note that this doesn’t have to be restrictive, either. There are advertisements for cars with mottos promoting inspiration or life-altering events. Be creative.

3. Keep it simple

A slogan should be short and simple because it needs to stick in a customer’s head. It should also be very easy to memorize. Even though it feels counter-intuitive to restrict your words, it’s going to get your point across better for this specific type of saying. Use your slogan to create a memorable phrase for your customers; use other marketing areas to give more detail. Also remember that short and simple are two different things. The more complex a slogan, the higher the chance a customer doesn’t identify with it. Create something creative yet simple.

A beach with the words 'Keep it simple' written into it.
If a slogan is short and simple, it’s likely to succeed.

4. Re-evaluate constantly

Slogans are far from permanent. There are so many changes to technology, social issues, language and other factors to keep one slogan successfully over long periods of time – at least for the most part. What works today may fail tomorrow. What’s trending right now could be unpopular later. In order to avoid a stale motto, constantly research your slogan’s impact on the market. Analyze data reports and compare success with other companies. The stronger your research, the stronger your logo will ultimately evolve.

5. Align slogan with company branding

It’s very important that you create a slogan that suits your company’s ideals. If you’re an innovative enterprise that focuses on customers, consider a motto that incorporates helping people. Furthermore, make sure the phrase you settle on exemplifies your company’s products, services and customer relations. Make it known through the slogan that everything you do will be of extremely high quality.

If you’re ready to create your own slogan, make sure everything is in order before you get started. Even though it’s a group of very few words, its impact is massive.