YouTube for Business – Build Brand Through Videos


Companies use YouTube for business to give customers insight into the everyday work of their business. Here are the key features to understand when constructing your YouTube business account.

What Is a YouTube Business Account?

Companies create Brand Accounts on YouTube to build brand and construct a presence on YouTube. The Brand Account is an extension of a personal YouTube account, but it uses the company name. A business account drives traffic to your company.

Why Create a YouTube Business Account?

Create a YouTube business account when you want to use YouTube to make videos about your company or product. With a business account, your company can link out to its channel, and link the channel to the business. Relevant videos bring traffic to your business website.

Picture of a business YouTube page.

A YouTube business account informs potential customers of a product, alert consumers to release dates of product, personalize a company, build loyalty and explain positives of a company. A business account is a chance for companies to connect with customers, building and maintaining loyalty. Whether this is done through creativity, humor or simply putting a friendly face to associate with your company, the result is personification of your business.

How Do I Create a YouTube Business Account?

  1. Create a Google account, or log in to the Google account you want to use to manage the business account
  2. Navigate to YouTube
  3. Click your personal icon in the upper right corner
  4. Click ‘settings’
  5. Under ‘Your account’, click ‘See all my channels or create a new channel’
  6. Click ‘create a new channel’
  7. Now enter the brand name you wish to use

Next Steps in the Process

There are some additional important steps that need to be taken in order to benefit from having a business channel on YouTube. First, create outbound links to YouTube on your business webpage. Then link from your YouTube page back to your business. Make sure customers checking out the videos can find your business link easily. Next, ensure the videos you upload are keyworded correctly to draw the right searches to the video. Stay relevant with your keywords at all times.

Uniformity is key in business, so make sure your YouTube account is as well. If your business is represented in design by red and pink unicorns, make sure your YouTube page design follows suit. You can change the main photo and channel art whenever you want. Ensure the description of your page explains what type of business you operate and how the channel will act as an extension of the business.

Companies change the scope of their business customer experience by reaching out through different channels. YouTube is a great way to start building brand and, more importantly, building good customer relations.