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YouTube for business: Create a channel that builds your brand

by Canto  |  December 30, 2020

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A YouTube business account gives your brand an online platform to publish video motion content that directly targets your audience. In the digital age of millennial consumption, consumers purchase with their eyes more than ever before. This makes having a YouTube channel for your business an essential marketing tool. Here we look at what a YouTube business account is and the steps to creating your own channel.

What is a YouTube business account?

A YouTube business account is a channel of video-based content that’s accessible to a worldwide audience. It presents an opportunity to build a loyal subscription base through video motion uploads that relate to the latest product releases, or who you are as a brand. YouTube also acts as a social platform to engage with your customer and build strong relationships as you open up a dialogue between brand and consumer.

Why you should have a YouTube channel

A business account drives traffic and turns marketing leads into customer purchases through user engagement. Marketing content that answers the questions your customers have towards a product or service is an excellent way to develop brand loyalty.

YouTube presents a golden opportunity to engage your customer and acts as a visual guide on a buyer’s journey. It’s an opportunity to personalize your brand message and create a social discourse through chat, like, and subscription options. A YouTube Account can build product authority through views, and establish loyalty that makes advocates out of customers. If looking to express a particular personality or idea about your brand then YouTube is an excellent platform to spread the message.

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Steps to create a YouTube business account

  • Create or log in to an existing Google account
  • Navigate to the YouTube Homepage
  • In the upper right corner click on the gear user icon
  • From the drop-down menu click the ‘create a new channel’ option
  • Click the ‘use a business or other name’ option
  • Enter the name of your business or brand name
  • Click ‘create’ to activate the new account

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Learn the basics of YouTube and be consistent

How you promote and manage your account will depend on the approach of your business. You may use the platform as a place to express the personality of your brand or see YouTube as primarily a learning or selling tool. The versatility of the platform is diverse, but do remember that every minute several hundred hours of video content is being uploaded. Understanding some basic principles will help you become visible, and compete with the large volumes of published video content.

YouTube business account maintenance tips:

  • Fill in the about section
  • Optimize your content for search purposes
  • Integrate your channel with website and socials
  • Be consistent with uploading
  • Embrace keywords

However you choose to market your brand on YouTube it’s important the headers, logos and icons you use are consistent with your existing brand identity. Uniformity is important when introducing content on a new platform and helps connect your product to your customer.

YouTube provides a customer-facing home for all of your video content. It’s a place to make an impact with product launches and receive invaluable feedback from consumers as you deliver videos directly to your target audience. Just remember to stay on brand and listen to your audience as they engage with your business.