Brand Asset Management


Digital assets increase as brands grow. Brand asset management stores and organizes these assets for sharing.

What Is Brand Asset Management?


Brand asset management stores and organizes brand assets such as logos, images and other media files. Brand asset management is also used across websites, social media and brochures. It is supported by software that keeps brand intact throughout company campaigns and projects.

Settings page for the customizable interface of Canto DAM.
Canto media library showing the folders and albums on the left.

How Brand Management Software Builds Brand


Brand management improves growth by maintaining consistent brand image. It also oversees organization-wide usage of all branding images. This ensures companies have the correct visual layouts for each project. It also cuts down on errors and duplicate logo images and files during a campaign. This saves time and upholds brand integrity.

brand asset management


Use management software to provide team members with a central content library.

Detailed view of an asset showing a surfer and providing metadata on the right side.


Search branded content quickly with easy-to-use tags, keywords, folders and albums

View of a Canto brand media portal styled around the topics of food and nutrition.


Simplify file sharing with branded collections, download links and self-serve

Detail view of an asset showing a surfer and listing the keywords at the right side.

Boost Communication With Brand Management


As brand assets are shared across departments, brand deterioration becomes a danger to communication. Brand management software ensures brand integrity unifies as assets change hands. Keep brand communication targeted and consistent with brand management functionality. Strong brand software ensures interdepartmental communication stays strong during projects.

Powerful Branding Software


Canto digital asset management (DAM) is advanced brand management software. DAM organizes your brand assets by keywording logo images and other media. It also has a central location for marketing materials. DAM streamlines branding projects with sophisticated workflow management and digital rights management. It also uses intelligent metadata management.

InDesign layouts in Canto
Three computer devices on a desk showing the Canto Digital Asset Management system.

Building Your Media Library with DAM

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