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American Kennel Club Can Now Search Thousands of Images Quickly


American Kennel Club (AKC) is the recognized expert in dog breed, health and training information. With over 200 recognized dog breeds and countless images per breed and beyond, AKC was struggling to locate the right photos and videos efficiently.

Staff would spend hours, or even days, looking within various hard drives to find the right images for newsletters, social media, their website and digital publications.

The nonprofit’s director of user experience and visual design, Alla Gringaus, recognized the need for a digital asset management (DAM) system to improve how AKC stores and organizes visual content. She knew it had to be a DAM system that was, “cloud-based with advanced search, tagging and it had to be very easy to use, even for not overly technical users.”


After evaluating over 10 different digital asset management (DAM) vendors, the team at AKC realized fairly quickly that Canto would provide the best user experience, which they considered of top importance to support their 60+ end users.

AKC now has a centralized image library of images and videos for all of their recognized dog breeds. Their team is able to quickly search for a specific image that has been tagged with descriptive tags and narrow search results with filters in Canto. Alla evangelized the new system and held trainings for various departments.

“Canto is the most efficient way to access our best imagery quickly, for all team members,” commented Alla Gringaus.

Results and Benefits

The team at AKC now saves hours and hours each week by quickly being able to access their images as they need them for website, newsletter and social media projects. As Alla remarked, “Canto is the most efficient way to access the best imagery, quickly for all team members.”