Atlantic Coast Media Group

“Cumulus saves our team time, bandwidth and local space on our computers.”

Peter Baltjes
Marketing Director
Atlantic Coast Media Group


Product videos and photography have been vital in helping sell Atlantic Coast Media Group’s products to Baby Boomers. Their multi-media content has increased by the masses as product lines and marketing outreach have escalated since the company’s inception.

They’ve accumulated thousands of production video and image files that were stored on different serves in various folder structures. They had large video files and images that were bulky, consumed bandwidth, local storage ad required plugins to preview, which weren’t easily accessible by their marketing team.

The challenge in finding the right photos and videos caused delays in getting their products to market. They knew they needed a better solution to quickly and easily share product videos, user group photos and TV media images with their customers.


ACMG’s Information Technology department searched for a Digital Asset Management technology and ultimately selected Cumulus. They also selected Canto’s partner Moksa to deploy and tailor their DAM to meet their needs.

Moksa’s team led the installation and customization of Cumulus, Moksa Video Stream and Canto Roboflow.

Cumulus enabled ACMG to move from a dated folder structure file management system, to a streamlined, mature Digital Asset Management system wherein they could preview and stream videos and images as well as organize, manage and distribute production files with ease.

“Cumulus allows us to very easily look at the different files and preview videos to make sure we have the right asset. We’re able to preview our commercial or training videos without downloading a 100 megabyte or a gigabyte video. It saves us time, bandwidth and local space on our computers,” says Peter Baltjes, Marketing Director at ACMG. 

With Moksa Video Stream ACMG’s Marketing team can now search, filter and sort through large volumes of multimedia with the ability to preview videos directly in Cumulus Sites, prior to downloading the high res version.

ACMG also takes advantage of Canto Roboflow to automatically route images and videos into predefined categories in Cumulus, making the ingestion of countless assets a simple and worry free process.

Results and Benefits

With Cumulus and Moksa Video Stream at the core of ACMG Digital Asset Management technology they are able to manage their valuable digital assets more efficiently.

Cumulus expedites the assembly and distribution of marketing projects while helping expand their products into the hands of new Baby Boomers around the world.

“From our standpoint, we found we were getting multiple requests for files. It was using our designer’s time searching for the files, organizing them and then getting them to the end user. This was taking away from other projects the designers could be working on. From that perspective I believe, Cumulus really has helped our organization- it just streamlined our processes,” Peter Baltjes, Marketing Director at ACMG.

Watch a pre-recorded webinar where Atlantic Coast Media Group shows how they use Cumulus and Moksa Video Stream.