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Ceva Animal Health Centralizes Social Media Content and Agency Collaboration With Canto


Ceva Santa Animale decided to develop and centralize social media content at the corporate level. With operations in 42 countries, each Ceva subsidiary had been buying social media separately. Yet as the volume of their new corporate-generated content grew, so too did the demand for more systematic content organization. They also needed to distribute this new content out to their subsidiaries and had no means to do so.


Ceva selected Canto to organize their social media content in an accessible, easy way. They felt that other systems had too many features, structures and requirements, whereas Canto would make it easily build out a customized digital asset management system.

“Our agency develops social media content for the month. We then use Canto Workspaces to comment on and approve the content. We next push it to our main Flight library and then relate the files.” – James Howell, Head of Digital Marketing, CEVA Sante Animale

Results and Benefits

Ceva’s social media agency is now able to develop social media content for the month because Ceva corporate is able to use Canto Workspaces to comment on and approve it. Ceva corporate next push it to their main Canto library and relate the files. Half of the people at Ceva with access to their Canto account are using it every day. And when corporate sends out new content notifications, usage doubles for a few days. This quick adoption across the entire company has been a huge win.