Einhell Germany AG

“This solution is so well thought out and extensible. It’s exactly what we want to work with.”

Andreas Hoffmann
Head of Consulting
Einhell Germany AG

The challenge

For global companies it is essential that all employees have access to the media files they need for their daily work. Quite a complex task for Einhell because this means that the digital files not only have to be available in real time worldwide but that the content delivery needs to be integrated into existing workflows, starting from basic media management and the collaboration with design agencies up to the approval of the print-ready packaging material for the products.

To address this challenge Einhell’s IT department was looking for a powerful Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution that could centralize the media managment into a single system and simplify the company’s processes at the same time. Another top priority was to integrate the DAM into the Product Information System (PIM).

The solution

Cumulus is not only managing Einhell’s media files – it is a universal media platform that organizes photos, documents and videos so they can be processed and shared across all channels. Einhell’s marketing department benefits from the strengths of Cumulus by being able to cooperate easier and more effieciently with external designers and agencies . An important advantage: “Cumulus has made our daily work easier than ever, so we can focus on more important things in marketing.”

And the best thing about Cumulus is: content is not only integrated into product management, even pictrues are delivered to the compan’y PIM through the enormously powerful ImageFactory extension. That makes the central organization of the image files simpler and saves Einhell a great deal of time and money.

Results and benefits

With Cumulus, Einhell can manage and use its digital content more efficiently. Thanks to the high-end Digital Asset Management system, media files are always instantly available worldwide to help marketers visually communicate the impressive advantages of Einhell’s products.

In addition, Einhell can use their ressources in other fields because Cumulus integration makes workflows faster and more smooth. To meet the demands of Einhell’s global marketing goals Cumulus is the perfect tool.