“With its ease of use and price point, Cumulus continues to be the solution that works for us.”

Spencer Mains
Chief Technology Officer


By the mid-1990s, Landor’s expansive and invaluable portfolio of images had become unwieldy. Thousands of digital images were stored on hundreds of CD ROMs. Finding anything took an inordinate amount of time and the filing system did not provide searchable criteria or metadata, so looking for something very specific was only as successful as someone’s memory.

After identifying its need for a digital asset management solution, Landor determined it had two distinct business requirements. The capacity to organize and archive all its brand assets in a central online repository and, for new business development, the ability to create a portfolio of its best work that anyone in the company, regardless of location, could easily access over a company-wide intranet.

After some due diligence, Landor selected Canto’s Cumulus for the beste Brand Asset Management.


The company has steadily enhanced its corporate intranet around Cumulus and uses the solution to store brand assets for its key clients and projects in a series of online catalogs. These catalogs are managed by Landorʼs in-house teams of brand asset managers and indexers.

Landor developed the architecture for categorizing assets based on the brand architecture and nomenclature that it created for each client, thus tagging brand assets by familiar terms.

Today, when project or account managers request photos or other images, Landor staff can simply access the shared repository via Landornet, enter the search criteria, and find all relevant results in a matter of seconds.

Results and Benefits

Cumulus has helped Landor dramatically improve response time and efficiency. The time to create presentations for new business development activities went from several days to a few hours. The boost in productivity has had direct impacts on clients as well – improving customer service and increasing client satisfaction and loyalty.

“With its ease of use and price point, Cumulus continues to be the digital asset management solution that works for us,” said Spencer Mains, Landorʼs Chief Technology Officer when Cumulus was installed. “Cumulus has just the essential features we need to get traction with our clients and to succeed in the marketplace.”