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Mitsubishi Electric’s Creative Team Loves Canto’s Ease of Search and Quick Download Speeds


Mitsubishi Electric’s small creative team is responsible for distributing digital assets to thousands of external contractors. Before Canto, they used an older management system that ran on on-premise local servers. It was just too clunky, and they knew they needed a modern cloud-based DAM that featured easy-to-use search and secure distribution options.


Mitsubishi Electric’s creative team worked with Canto professional services to migrate their entire asset catalog. By utilizing Canto’s Advanced Uploader tool, they were able to move many thousands of product images into their cloud system and start utilizing them immediately.

“Ease of search and immediate downloads are great. Our large user base loves having this level of access to our digital assets. It’s a huge improvement over previous tools we’ve used.” – Lisa Graham, Creative Services Project and Fulfillment Manager, Mitsubishi Electric

Results and Benefits

Being able to quickly find assets had a quite positive impact on the team. With so many outside users making requests for specific assets, it was now easy for them to navigate through their catalog and provide secure access to requested assets. Canto was able to increase their productivity via digital asset management, and also provide secure protection for their brand.