“Our salespeople can‘t go without their iPad and they are very pleased about having mobile access to all of the content in Cumulus.”

James Kober
Director of Advertising Operations


Newsday is a daily newspaper that publishes 284,357 copies per day in its circulation area on Long Island, New York. Newsday also produces 145 advertising publications, many of them in online versions. For more than 5 years, the American publishing house has administered its entire digital content with Cumulus digital asset management. As a next step, Newsday wanted to shift the communication with advertising customers to a mobile, digital process.


Using the Canto Integration Platform, Canto Professional Services developed a specific iPad-App for Newsday based on Cumulus Mobile Client, to support onsite sales processes  with a mobile solution.

Both Newsday and its advertisers are excited about Canto‘s iPad solution, which Newsday has called “the most modern workflow in the advertising business nationwide.”

Results and Benefits

Impressed customers, happy salespeople, major time savings and definitely more revenue: sales people using the solution placed 15 to 20 percent more orders.

• Shorter corrections workflow – salespeople have more time to generate additional revenue.

• Error rates in corrections are reduced dramatically – salespeople can directly attach notes to the document.

• Use of iPad directly at Point of Sales streamlines processes and adds to your bottom line

• Single-source principle: the digital content can be viewed or edited on all end devices

• Stimulus for new ad business thanks access to old ads

When Newsday advertising salesperson Lauren Dubin visits advertising customers on Long Island, the iPad solution is her central communication tool with the customer. Salesperson and customer can review every advertising campaign together on the iPad. If the customer wants to change his advertisement, changes are being attached to the ad and are sent directly to the publisher‘s graphic design department, where – thanks to copy and paste – modifications can be quickly and correctly implemented.

The iPad-app makes all of this possible by accessing Newsday‘s Cumulus solution. The modern workflow saves a great deal of time because Lauren can visit potential customers and then come back on the same day to submit the changed ad for approval on the iPad. The change and approval process at Newsday used to be paper-based, and headquarters had to print the changes out and send them to customers. “We were able to reduce our approval time by more than 48 hours,” said James Kober, Director of Advertising Operations at Newsday.

The iPad solution saves every salesperson up to eight hours a week that they can use for more customer visits. All of Newsday‘s 85 outside sales employees have been equipped with iPads and the Cumulus Mobile Client since July 2012. “We were able to reduce our approval time by more than 48 hours”

As of November 1st 2012, approval via the iPad app will be mandatory at Newsday. The paperbased approval process will become history. Newsday and Canto worked together in 2010 to develop the idea of supporting sales processes onsite with a mobile solution. With Cumulus Mobile Client, Canto already had a mobile product for iPad and iPhone. Canto was able to develop an iPad app for Newsday using the Canto integration platform. Newsday‘s requirements were incorporated into the development process. The approvalworkflow was created with the option of placing several notes in one document into an ad with detailed precision – either in written form or as an audio commentary.

Canto Professional Services took over all consulting and integration services. Newsday first began using Cumulus Mobile Client in late 2010 as part of a pilot group. The application and the workflow were constantly optimized, especially in terms of usability.

James Kober offers a positive review of the new workflow: “Our salespeople can‘t go without their iPad and they are very pleased about having mobile access to all of the content in Cumulus.” Not just because the new process saves time, but also because it enables a new level of quality in customer relationships, says the head of Newsday‘s advertising operations area. The publisher‘s on-site presence is now “more professional” and excites customers from the beginning.

Kober wanted to take a very close look at the results from different sales teams, so he compared groups that did and did not have the iPad Cumulus solution. The results were clear: salespeople salespeople with the mobile customer dialogue solution on the iPad placed 15 to 20 percent more orders than their colleagues without the iPad.

The various functions alone bring the quality of a customer meeting to a whole new level, enabling salespeople to bring up old ads from last year so that they can inspire the customer to start up a new ad campaign. The salesperson does not have to dig around through thousands of ads – he only sees those ads that are relevant to the customer.

Previews in low-resolution image formats optimize download times on the iPads, which communicate via the Internet with the Cumulus server, either over the mobile telephone network or on a WiFi network. A zoom function enables the enlargement of ads so that changes can be applied at just the right place – an important feature for Newsday‘s business, which also includes small ads. Finally, every change in the ad is numbered and logged so that every step can be traced electronically. Above all, though, the singlesource principle avoids errors.Every ad is stored exclusively on the Cumulus server and nowhere else, not even as a copy. This guarantees that all end devices and uses always access the same file.

Although the iPad app provides access to Newsday customer data, security measures are in place, says Kober. The mobile coordination and approval process at Newsday is currently being developed further. James Kober and his team had one final goal, namely to provide mobile access to the publisher‘s backend systems: the entire invoicing dialogue with customers will also run over the iPad. Newsday has already attracted a lot of attention in the market with its solutions. Competitors have kept a very close eye onNewsday‘s activities and have also started up similar projects, says Kober.

“We are running the most modern advertising business workflow in the nation, which gives us a clear competitive advantage. As far as we know, no newspaper in the U.S.A is using the iPad to deliver real-time digital proofs of print ads to their sales team.”