Schluter-Systems KG

Portrait Stefan Grünwald, Schluter-Systems KG

“With Cumulus, every necessary step of the process can be executed in one system globally.”

Stefan Grünwald
IT Business Service Architect
Schluter-Systems KG

The Problem

The familiy-run company Schlüter-Systems has more than 900 employees that work not only in the head offices in Iserlohn, but are spread out across seven additional locations all over the world. In the past, each of these branches had maintained their own database of digital content. But this kind of silo-based management of files inevitably led to the creation of undesirable duplicates and an inconsistent design of product marketing material. In addition, the maintenance of regionally specific catalogs became unnecessarily complicated.

The Solution

As a centralized digital asset management system, Cumulus allows every single employee to access and work with the same, shared marketing materials. Offices in North America and Germany can place images and other material in a local catalog – this catalog is then replicated on a daily basis, so that the same, identical content can become quickly and reliably available all over the world.

Top-notch integration with programs of Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Creative Suite make it easy to directly use images from Cumulus within InDesign documents without ever leaving the application. In the background, Cumulus takes care of asset relations, digital rights and and makes sure versioning and a trackable change history are in place.

Thanks to the integration with CMS OpenText, product images from Cumulus are now only a few clicks away from appearing on their website and can just as easily be available to their product information management system. Cumulus guarantees that both the website and product catalog always show the correct image for the specific region and that no unwanted duplicates are generated.

Results and benefits

For Schlüter-Systems, Cumulus represents a tailored solution that is able to spread and share content through all necessary channels – be it print workflows, publishing content on the website through the OpenText integration or sharing on a social media platform like YouTube.

Thanks to full and reliable replication, all materials are not only available and accessible at any given place and time, but files are organized intelligently and easier to find as well.