Canto Features

Organize media files efficiently

Canto organizes your company’s image library. Its folders and albums feature offers powerful sorting options, and its advanced keyword and tagging tools provide easy labeling. Canto maintains your media files within a central location, making for easy access and retrieval.

Canto’s image recognition automatically suggests tags for image files. Smart Albums automatically sort content by file type. Canto generates large file previews to assist users in locating specific media. It is a comprehensive way to manage your entire media library within an easy-to-use central location.

Screenshot of the main library view of Canto's Digital Asset Management system.

Improve how you share digital assets

Canto changes the way you share digital assets. It lets users share files with team members and outside collaborators. It also gives you the option to send links attached with expiration dates instead of bulky email attachments.

One of the most popular ways to share content from your Canto media library is create branded self-service portals. Portals are perfect for distributing sales materials, event photography, press kits and brand centers. Canto makes sharing digital assets a breeze with its numerous sharing features and tools.

Detailed view of an asset and its metadata, overlaid by a smaller screen for sharing displaying icons for the available options.

Gallery-style previews showcase brand assets

Preview visual content with Canto’s gallery-style interface. Just a single click displays full-screen images, HD videos, Powerpoint presentations, PDFs, InDesign layouts and more. Also, related files appear as a filmstrip of thumbnails, making it easy to find similar files when necessary.

The file previews allow teams to quickly navigate large volumes of folders to locate particular images, videos and documents for presentations. Due to the nature of the visual previews, an entire folder is perused efficiently by team members in search of files for projects.

Detailed view of an asset showing a running dog, accompanied by the images' metadata in the side bar.

Digital asset tools that complement your brand

Brand identity is important to success. Reinforce your brand by adding splash login screens, welcome messages, brand colors and in-app logos. Canto provides tools to boost and maintain your brand.

Create separate Portals for each division, chapter, department or client from your main Canto library. Each created distribution Portal has its own separate branding, which gives users a seamless experience. Canto handles all types of brand assets within its interface.

Screenshoot of the branding configuration page in the Canto Digital Asset Management System.

Specify user roles and group access levels

Canto has five different types of users. Each comes with its own set of permissions and capabilities. These include uploading content, running reports and customizing the entire Canto setup. Canto simplifies the user roles by letting administrators easily manage permissions.

Canto lets you restrict downloading, manage preview-only and limit album access. User groups can be created to simplify permission management. Access is granted based on specified allowances from administrators. This creates an environment of balanced permissions within an enterprise.

screenshot of the configuration page for users and groups in the Canto Digital Asset Management system.

Guard your valuable assets

Canto offers the highest level of security for enterprises. The Canto system runs on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and is housed in highly secure data centers. This gives companies state-of-the art electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems.

Canto’s security systems allow admins to decide how sophisticated your users’ passwords must be. It also includes two-factor authentication which adds extravagant security for sensitive data. Canto’s watermarking system is automated, protecting images from copyright infringement and unwarranted use.

Screenshot of a library view of multiple images, overlayed by a padlock reading amazon web services.

Integrate your image library with the tools your company uses

Canto lets teams drag and drop images and other media directly into apps your company already implements. Canto uses integrations to streamline everyday processes and save time. It ensures important tools sync perfectly.

Canto integrates with popular apps which allows teams to instantly share content with team members using different resources. This saves time, boosts communication and reduces project completion times.

A graphic displaying the logos of all programs and services that have an intregration with the Canto Digital Asset Management system.

Boost team collaboration

Develop new ideas, set approval status on files and communicate from inside the Canto system. The easy-to-use workspace and Portals features ensure that content is only available for access when approved, on-brand and ready for sharing.

Canto keeps teams engaged by strengthening communication with its many connected tools. It also allows members to receive instant feedback during projects, and stay up-to-date on newly edited media files.

Screenshot of several images in library view, overlaid by a comment window displaying a thread of comments by various users.

Maximize feedback from data with reports and analytics

Canto’s simple and intuitive admin dashboard offers a clear overview of your digital asset management storage, file types, user activity and downloads. Additional reports give insight to the top search terms, sharing history, most frequently used tags and keywords.

Canto ensures an overview of all different types of data pertaining to digital asset activity. This helps companies understand types of changes they need to make to optimize their operations and projects.

Screenshot of the report page for administrators in the Canto Digital Asset Management system, displaying various diagrams and a calendar.