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Digital asset management improves image editing and tracks how your team edits, shares and downloads images.

Image Editing Software


Editing images easier and more comprehensive with a digital asset management (DAM) system. With DAM, you’ll not only have easy access to a repository of all of your rich media and marketing assets – images, videos, graphics, audio and more – but also be able to perform image editing that other storage systems cannot do.

Digital asset management helps marketers manage their branded assets. It can integrate with your marketing stack to create a seamless experience for creating, editing and sharing branded content. Zoom, crop, resize and download high or low res images on-the-fly from your DAM system without affecting the original.

image editing
image editing

Benefits of DAM for Image Editing


Collaborate on edited images with tools like version history, group commenting and in-app notifications. Images with various edits can be tracked with version history and comments for those specific versions. When you need to give direction to a specific group of users – like creatives or marketing – you can leave comments on files for those particular groups. Users are notified both in-app and with an email when a comment is left for them.

Crop and resize images right from your DAM system. When it’s time to download images, you’ll be provided with options for how to download the file. Images can be cropped, the format changed and the quality can be adjusted to make an image ready for the web.

InDesign and DAM Plugin for Image Editing


Canto’s integration with InDesign allows you to quickly pull an image from your DAM directly to an InDesign template. No need for searching through desktops or outside services; the image can be shared right to your DAM system for you and your collaborators to use.

The link that’s created between InDesign and Canto ensures that your marketing team is always working with the most current version of your digital assets. Whenever an InDesign layout is opened and is linked to a previous version of a digital asset, a notification box pops up asking if you would like to update the layout with the current version of all your files. This way, all of your layouts and marketing materials are kept up to date with the latest approved submissions.

digital asset management

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