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In the world of sports, your digital assets are your most valuable players. Canto fuels a multimedia powerhouse, offering an intuitive platform tailor-made for sports organizations– brands, teams, leagues, and media – enabling centralization, collaboration, and distribution of digital assets.

Centralize, organize, and search all your digital assets

Stay ahead of the influx of new brand, athlete, and sponsor content with a centralized solution for organizing and storing digital assets.

Streamline asset management by consolidating high-volume assets from internal and external channels into a single repositoryLeverage AI Visual Search and facial recognition to instantly find media of specific athletes and sponsorsDrive efficiency with Smart Tags that auto-populate metadata, saving you valuable time organizing and sorting contentLearn about AI-powered DAMs

Power efficient collaboration and distribution of your digital assets

Collaborate effortlessly across stakeholders including team members, media partners, and sponsors.

Maximize team efficiency and keep everyone on the same page using tools like Workspaces and customizable workflowsShare and publish your digital content to team members or partners with unlimited Portals and automatic publishing to your web propertiesAccelerate delivery by integrating with the platforms that your team use every day, including Adobe, Figma, Canva, and morePlan, Create, Collab

Safeguard your brand with powerful content controls

Protect your sports brand from digital content chaos, intricate rights agreements, and expanding distribution channels.

Control permissions and grant access so collaborators have access to only what they needCreate brand consistency with built-in style guides, download presets, expiration dates, and moreConfidently track licenses, copyrights, and terms with centralized Digital Rights Management of your assetsProtect your brand

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Maserati MSG Racing

Our drivers are the subject of a lot of our content, and we also have a team principal who is very recognizable, so we receive a lot of requests for headshots. Using Canto’s robust facial recognition powered by AI, we can find the best headshots faster than ever and screen out shots that their faces aren’t clearly displayed, even if they are tagged.

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Canto Portals: A better way to distribute digital assets

Find out five ways Canto customers are using Portals to beat the competition, including real-time file collaboration, approved logos and photography available on-demand, and even press kits.

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Want to generate more value with your brand’s creative assets? Learn how to make your content workflows more efficient and effective using Canto.

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Organizing, managing, and sharing digital content without the right tools is expensive. Find out how much your organization can save by eliminating unnecessary costs and increasing productivity on every team with Canto.

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