Canto for Tech Companies

To meet revenue goals, marketing and content teams face ever-growing demands for digital content.

Scale your brand content, boost your bottom line, and power your distributed team with Canto’s digital asset management (DAM) platform.

Drive more revenue with digital asset management

  • Scale brand content

  • Drive more revenue

  • Power dispersed teams

Scale brand content

Go to market faster

Create, review, and share content faster than ever. With Canto’s features and integrations, you can optimize creative operations and accelerate content through the digital asset lifecycle. Canto connects your content library to the marketing tools your team uses every day — so on-brand and approved content gets to the market faster.

Manage and protect your growing brand

You need a system to keep in-house creatives, agencies, and other content teams aligned and on brand. Use Canto’s brand management tools to create an on-brand experience across every touchpoint, no matter who’s creating your branded content.

Drive more revenue

Link content to sales outcomes and make data-informed decisions

You need to know how people are engaging with your content. Canto links content to revenue and sales outcomes, so you can identify successes, fill gaps, and improve your content strategy. Use Canto’s reporting to see download rates and trending search terms — and tap into the full power of Google Analytics to assess traffic, views, and more.

Stretch your creative budget and increase content ROI

Marketing content is an investment. Increase returns by getting more value out of everything you create. Canto’s powerful search and retrieval features make it easy to find the perfect assets for any campaign and adapt content for different markets.

Power dispersed teams

Automate tedious tasks and focus on work that drives revenue

Working towards ambitious goals? Managing content without the right tools takes time away from important strategic work. Canto’s Smart Tags, powerful search, and filters free your team from tedious tasks like file organization. Now your team can refine strategies, plan campaigns, and innovate new ways to dominate the market.

Empower sales reps with content that closes deals

When sales teams have access to content on-demand, they can leverage it to close deals in real time. With Canto’s Portals, create unlimited custom content collections to give sales reps access to up-to-date content at the right time.

Return on Investment

DAM users are 3x more likely to see a significant increase in content ROI within a year. Calculate how much value you could see by adding Canto’s DAM to your tech stack.

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Canto customers love our impact

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Canto works great for consolidating approved resources and messaging and digital assets for our external partners. We’ve received some really good feedback on it.

Swedish Space Corporation

It works great. It’s easy for anyone around the world to log in and use it.

Paessler AG

Canto is very well received by the users. Many of them didn’t have a digital asset management system at their former companies and are thrilled with the centralized file selection.

Why top tech brands choose Canto

Powerful search

Make your entire library instantly searchable. Smart Tags, facial recognition, and text recognition add metadata to your content automatically.

Search faster

Unlimited Portals

Give sales teams, freelancers, agencies, or any other audience content on-demand in curated, customized collections.

Share effortlessly

Essential integrations

Canto works where you do — including Adobe CC, Figma,, Slack, Hootsuite, Google Analytics, and many other tools. Need something more niche? There's also a fully documented API.

Integrate tools

Centralized control

Take content in and out of circulation with a single click. Approval statuses, expiration dates, and other safeguards let you control what content is out there representing your brand.

Control access

Manage many file types

A home for all of your brand’s digital content, including images, videos, documents, and design files. Say goodbye to cloud storage.

Simple pricing

Canto’s pricing model is the simplest on the market, with the ability to scale as you grow. No hidden costs. No surprises.

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How marketing teams use Canto to drive revenue

The State of Digital Content: 2023 Edition

Did you know that teams with a platform like Canto are over 5x more likely to see an increase in content ROI? Get useful insights from our survey of hundreds of content and marketing professionals.

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A 6-Step Guide to Scale Your Content Programs

Learn the steps to scale your content programs effectively. You’ll gain insight into creating a scalable toolkit, accelerating your content programs using AI, and using analytics to create more impactful content.

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How to build a business case for digital asset management

Need to convince someone that Canto is worth the investment? Here are some key points to highlight as you outline the business benefits of Canto’s DAM platform.

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