Canto for tech brands

Scale fast with a digital content library that can keep up.

Canto is a comprehensive hub for your brand’s photos, videos and other digital assets – so you can stay on top of your growing library and manage content at scale.

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How digital asset management can help tech companies

Desktop view of DAM for tech brand in Canto
Mobile view of DAM for tech brands in Canto

A single source of truth for marketing and creative assets

No more version confusion or hunting down files. Your Canto library is a single source of truth. With a unified library, everyone always knows which version is current and where to find what they need.

Woman in ad with headphones
Canto’s Comment dialog box stating latest version of asset
Canto’s Comment dialog box stating asset approval

Unite hybrid teams

Put your whole team on the same page, whether they’re in the office, working from home, or on the other side of the world. In Canto, everyone can access what they need – any time, anywhere.

Robotic raised blue hand
Canto’s Status options dialog box
Canto’s Digital rights options dialog box

Scale your team, scale your content

Maintain oversight as your team grows. With approval workflows, expiration dates, built-in digital rights management and more, it’s easy to scale your team and ramp up content production without losing control.

Canto analytics dashboard showing downloads, total assets, file transfer and users
Canto analytics dashboard showing most searched

Improve your content strategy with reporting data

Focus your resources on content that makes an impact. Canto’s reporting shows you which assets people search for and download most frequently, so you can identify successes, fill gaps and realign your content strategy.

Canto snaps into your existing martech stack

Access your Canto library directly in your favorite tools. With over 30 out-of-box integrations, Canto snaps into your existing software ecosystem – so your content is at your fingertips, wherever that may be.

Calculate what you could be saving with Canto’s DAM

Our ROI calculator can give you a better idea of how much value you could see by adding Canto’s DAM to your tech stack. Just answer a few questions and prepare to be amazed by the savings.

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