Canto for Travel & Hospitality

You need to show off exciting locales, events, or experiences — which means powering sites and partners with fantastic brand imagery. Unify teams and tools to meet sales and booking goals using Canto's digital asset management (DAM) platform.

Deliver branded channel experiences with digital asset management

  • Create beautiful experiences

  • Optimize creative operations

  • Collaboration and branding

Create beautiful experiences

Quickly distribute the right brand content to the right teams

Push branded digital experiences easier than ever before using Canto's Portal feature. You can instantly curate self-service libraries for locations, audiences, brands, or any other use case you need. And teams stay aligned on the use of logos, colors, fonts, and other brand aesthetics with built-in Style Guides.

Drive results with effective local marketing

Stop hounding your creative team with local marketing requests. Canto’s download presets and marketing tool integrations allow you to predetermine image sizes and ratios for each channel and populate brand content in your teams' tools automatically. Now, local marketing teams can grab content and share it quickly while staying on brand.

Optimize creative operations

Upgrade creative workflows and scale marketing campaigns with Canto

Say goodbye to lost or unsearchable content. Canto’s Smart Tags and Smart Albums automate metadata management by capturing visual and text elements within images and organizing content by file type. Creatives can focus on creating while marketing teams can find exactly what they need.

Find and feature influencers and prominent people instantly

Execute campaigns in real time featuring the right messaging and people. Facial recognition can instantly search your Canto media library and power the latest campaign with the best assets of an influencer, prominent individual, or specific talent.

Collaboration and branding

Automate & streamline collaboration with external teams

Create better relationships with partners and sponsors by making it easy to collaborate on brand assets and campaigns. Review and approve brand assets from photographers, agencies, and freelancers with upload links. And empower external brand collaborators with the right assets right when they need them using share links.

Protect your beautiful brands

Protect your brand and hard-won customer and partner loyalty with Canto's brand management capabilities. Track and turn content on and off containing influencers, hired talent, celebrities, and local assets. Adhering to agreements and licenses just got easy.

Simplify content management. See how in the full guide.

See how travel and hospitality brands use Canto to make a beautiful splash in every market.

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Canto customers love our impact

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Maserati MSG Racing

Our drivers are the subject of a lot of our content, and we also have a team principal who is very recognizable, so we receive a lot of requests for headshots. Using Canto’s robust facial recognition powered by AI, we can find the best headshots faster than ever and screen out shots that their faces aren’t clearly displayed, even if they are tagged.

The Set Hotels

There are travel agents around the world that need updated images and video content. Canto has saved us a huge amount of time. It has given us a real overview of the content we have and where we’re going as a brand.

Journey Beyond

You don’t know you need a digital asset management system until you have one, and then you realize what a difference it makes. And Canto is definitely the best DAM platform available.

Why exotic travel & hospitality brands choose Canto

Organize content

Canto eliminates manual file organization entirely. With facial and text recognition built-in, and Smart Tags and Smart Albums at your disposal, your brand assets become instantly findable for better campaigns.

Organize files

Unlimited Portals

Create beautifully-branded content collections for partners, agencies, influencers, and any other audience you can dream of.

Share collections

Download presets

Preset sizes and ratios for asset downloads according to each of your brand's digital channels. Now, local marketing teams can grab content that is on-brand and effective and instantly share it with audiences.

Share on-demand

Digital rights management (DRM)

Protect your branded assets from misuse while avoiding lawsuits and fines. Easily manage copyright information, terms and conditions, and watermarks with Canto’s DRM.

Protect your brand

Interactive Style Guides

Keep on brand across internal and external teams. Style guides include logos, colors, typography, brand voice, and more. Your teams can now move faster without creative oversight.

Align teams

Share links

Have a small collection of files you need to push? Share links are perfect for collaboration on a few files between dispersed teams.

Share files

Manage many file types

Canto supports just about any type of file you can think of, including images, videos, audio, documents, PDFs, and more. Say goodbye to shared drives and cloud storage with Canto.

Multilingual interface

Team members and partners around the world can use Canto in their native language.

Simple pricing

Canto’s pricing model is the simplest on the market. We’ll never surprise you with hidden costs.

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See how Canto accelerates collaboration and sharing

Canto Portals: A better way to distribute digital assets

Find out five ways Canto customers are using Portals to beat the competition, including real-time file collaboration, approved logos and photography available on-demand, and even press kits.

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How Maserati MSG Racing accelerated digital content with Canto

See how Canto customers like Maserati MSG Racing instantly find and share content featuring prominent individuals using facial recognition and Portals.

Accelerate content

How to Build a Business Case for Digital Asset Management

Learn how to build a business case for digital asset management (DAM) software. Get tips for understanding the return on investment (ROI) as you contemplate the next move in your digital transformation.

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