Local File Server


A system that enterprises use to create connected access points for multiple computers on a network

What Is a Local File Server?


A local file server is a central storage location that maintains digital files on a network. Local file servers are accessible by different systems within a network. It provides a link of numerous devices and computers to find and access different files on a server.

The most common use of these servers is businesses that need to connect multiple computers. This connection involves granting access to networks so all users have entry into the system. The server stores data files for future use and retrieval.

local file server
local file server

Benefits of a Local File Server for Enterprises


There are two main benefits a local file server provides enterprises. First, they offer immediate access to data. A dedicated server allows quick data retrieval. It also is optimized to run applications used in every day company operations.

The second main benefit is the increased storage space and efficient storage. A dedicated server gives companies better storage for digital files including images and videos. This allows for a more diverse storage of digital files for projects.

Advanced Software to Supplement a Local File Server


Because local file servers are typically implemented in business setting, it’s important to pair the system with software that boosts the file storing capacity. Digital asset management is a tool that sorts digital files for easy retrieval, boosting the power of a company’s dedicated server.

With digital asset management, teams can apply powerful keywords and metadata to files, share digital assets and quickly retrieve data. It works hand-in-hand with the connection of a local file server.

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