What Is Marketing Resource Management (MRM)?


Marketing resource management supports marketing operations – improving efficiency in ideation, creation and marketing collateral storage.

Marketing Resource Management Software


Marketing resource management (MRM) systems help marketing teams increase efficiency. MRM solutions include features that assist in planning marketing activities.

MRM enables you to plan and budget marketing campaigns while developing projects and content within the system. It’s a great tool for measuring effectiveness of marketing initiatives and communications.


Marketing Resource Management Processes


Marketing resource management software improves a marketing team’s capacity to coordinate internal and external marketing communications materials. But there are lengthy limitations to these programs.

MRM systems complicate the creative process. MRM systems provide a range of features that are helpful to marketers, although their complexity sacrifices simplicity. Usability is important for the creative process. The more complicated a management system, the harder it is to build brand assets quickly. That’s why most marketing teams opt for more comprehensive digital asset management software to manage marketing material and streamline processes.

Managing Marketing Campaigns With DAM


Digital asset management is effortless and it’s a simple solution for marketing teams building brand assets. A DAM simplifies the process of storing, sharing and organizing digital files. Teams quickly learn how to use a DAM system without extensive onboarding.

Important DAM components are built-in
 brand management, user controls and version control. These tools ensure the right people see your brand’s assets. When distributing assets, you’re able to maintain brand consistency with approval processes, watermarks and copyrighting.

digital asset management

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