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Organize and Search

Organize your library with smart features for your most searchable and scalable content library yet.

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Plan, Create, and Collaborate

Create your most intuitive workflows yet. Get started on projects, collaborate more efficiently, and accelerate time to market.

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Share, Publish, and Control

Share your brand content out into the world. With intuitive brand management tools, you remain in control of your brand and digital assets at all times.

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Get insights into your top-performing content and enhance your content strategy. Canto enables you to increase content ROI.

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Remove outdated content from circulation while still keeping it accessible for future reference, repurposing, and reuse.

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Canto ensures your digital assets are well-protected. Product security, data protection, compliance, and accessibility are built into Canto.

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Canto integrates with your favorite tools

Create, search, collaborate, and share content faster by connecting Canto to your existing content toolkit.

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Canto customers love our impact

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Sony Europe

It’s a complete relief that I know where everything is, everything is immediately accessible, on a super-quick platform. I can always rely on Canto being there in the background like a big shopping trolley with everything I need in it.


I wanted more control over how our assets were photographed, stored and shared. We looked at several solutions, and Canto had the best user interface, in both the backend and the frontend. The search and filter tools are pretty magical.

Falcon Structures

Our success with Canto has been defined by providing a streamlined, professional and collaborative experience for our customers, vendors and partners. Canto has taken the guesswork and stress out of digital asset management.


With everything managed centrally, our workflows have gotten a lot faster. We’re now able to deliver content to global markets much more efficiently.


We regularly held coordination meetings where first we developed the architecture of the new system and then continuously refined it. With Canto, it all went off without a hitch!

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