Unlock the potential of your digital assets with the Merlin DAM Platform

Organize, search, and share your brand’s content from one scalable, secure platform.

Powerful organization and search

With the Merlin DAM as your company’s single source of truth, branded content is always at your team’s fingertips. All files are organized and easy to find, accelerating your content workflows and improving productivity.

Seamless distribution

Push branded content to market faster than ever with the Merlin DAM. Teams can easily find files in their content library and publish to a variety of channels, including curated Content Hubs.

Ease of use

Whether you’re a power or casual user, the Merlin DAM is intuitive and simple to use. Need help? Our experienced support team is always a click away.

Enhance your Merlin DAM with advanced AI search solutions

Search for media like a pro with AI

Up your search game with NOMAD™ Visual Search. Describe in natural language what you are looking for, and NOMAD™ Visual Search instantly finds it within your images and videos – no textual metadata needed.

Detect and auto-tag faces

Detect, match, and tag millions of faces within your content library instantly with MerlinAI Facial Recognition. Auto-tagging and facial identification just got easy.

Discover similar photos fast

Stop spending countless hours sorting through images that are alike or related. With MerlinAI Visual Similarity, you can easily find photos in Merlin that are similar.

Find your best content using data

Power your teams and channels with data-proven photos. MerlinAI IMPACT helps you select the best possible photo for every use case based on technical merit and aesthetic value.

Merlin DAM Platform product demo

Supercharge content operations with integrations

Connect Merlin to a range of creative, CMS, and social platforms for effortless content workflows.

Outstanding digital experiences at global scale

Not only is MerlinX easy to use, but MerlinOne’s customer support team is outstanding.

Alex V. CabalDigital Content Systems Manager, Make-A-Wish

Organize, search, and share faster with the Merlin DAM

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