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eos unifies global creative team with a central image library

Ten years ago, the monotonous lineup of lip balms on supermarket and drugstore shelves got a major shakeup with the introduction of eos’ brightly colored spheres. eos, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, started a lip care revolution with products designed to delight, focused on organic, good-for-you ingredients and an innovative influencer marketing strategy. Now, their lip balms are a ubiquitous purse item, but the brand continues to evolve with new products, flavors and collaborations.

Behind the iconic product experience that reinvented our relationship to lip balm is eos’ graphic design team, which supports the broader marketing team by creating unique packaging designs and marketing materials for the brand’s creative product releases. With big projects on the horizon and an expanding global team, eos realized the need for a fast and intuitive digital asset management (DAM) solution that could keep up with their growth.

Valentin Costea, senior production artist at eos, creates fresh packaging designs that evoke the brand’s trademark playfulness and the natural ingredients in each flavor. He also manages digital assets for the marketing and design teams, which include product photography, package designs and social media artwork.

The goal

The graphic design team needed a way to centralize and organize assets as the global team grew.

The result

The entire global team has self-serve access to beautiful new packaging designs and fresh brand collateral, where and when they need them.

Goal: Connecting a global team

eos initially housed their assets on an internal server managed by the IT team. As the team expanded globally across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe and China, it became apparent that the server was too slow and disorganized to fully enable the marketing and design teams to work at their best.

“As we continued to grow as an organization, we began to house a larger number of folders on a server, and it became challenging to locate files. The server was slow so the whole process was time-consuming for everyone involved. When we’re in a rush to meet a deadline, we don’t have time for that,” said Valentin.

Planning for future growth, eos’ co-founder and CEO, Jonathan Teller, along with key members of marketing and design, chose Canto as their DAM solution.

Lip balms from eos.

Enter Canto: Easy search, better creative flow

Now, eos’ digital asset library has transformed from being a bottleneck for the marketing team to being a key to its success. Centralizing the digital asset library in Canto enables the global team members to find what they need quickly and easily, whether it’s packaging design, renderings, product images or social media graphics.

Getting started

“It was easy to migrate the assets into the platform. We received great support from the team whenever we reached out,” said Valentin.

Valentin set up eos’ folder structure within Canto by asking marketing and design team members what they needed, and mapping out what the library structure would look like on paper. Then, he created keywords that capture general information about the assets, such as “organic,” “blister card,” etc., while using tags to describe the asset in as many ways as possible so that anyone searching for it can find it.

Canto is intuitive. Whenever I give new people access, they figure out how to use it quickly. It takes us less than three minutes to train a new user.

Enabling self-service

In the past, the design team would relay assets to other team members who couldn’t find what they needed in the server. With Canto, everyone can simply use the search or filter functions and self-serve.

“Before, someone would spend time looking for an asset without finding it, and then they would request it from me, so I would go to the server and look for it. There was a lot of back and forth. Now it’s easy – anyone can go through the folders or just search using keywords to find exactly what they’re looking for,” said Valentin.

Encouraging the global team to self-serve was simple because of Canto’s user-friendly interface. Valentin notes that it’s so easy to use, he hardly has to spend time onboarding new users.

Ease of use

“Canto is intuitive. Whenever I give new people access, they figure out how to use it quickly. It takes us less than three minutes to train a new user,” said Valentin.

With the huge undertaking of a rebrand, having an organized asset library in Canto was critical. The team differentiates new and old branded materials by sorting all new and approved assets into a designated folder, as well as denoting the new branding in the name of the assets.

In addition, it’s easy for the team to share approved photos and videos both internally and externally. Valentin can simply share a Canto collection link to someone who requests a specific packaging design, and when team members need to collaborate with external contributors to have access, such as when the PR team works with agencies, they can share and collect images via Canto links.

Canto makes it easy to find the assets we need, and helps us streamline content sharing across our global teams.

Valentin CosteaSenior Production Artist

Results: Evolution of smooth team flow

For eos, an organized library means that the entire global team can have self-serve access to the images they need, where and when they need them. There’s no better example of the kind of project the team can complete with a centralized image library than their rebrand. With all the moving parts of a rebranding project, coordinated by a distributed team and external agencies, Canto proved invaluable.

“Canto makes it easy to find the assets we need, and helps streamline content sharing across our global teams,” said Valentin.