FSC Denmark uses Canto to promote responsible forest management

A member of FCS Denmark in the forest, taking notes.
Customer profile
Customer profile
Forest Stewardship Council Denmark
Aarhus, Denmark
The goal
The goal

FSC Denmark needed to transform how they stored and distributed digital assets with a centralized library that makes assets agile.

The result
The result

By increasing asset accessibility in Canto, FSC Denmark is empowered to tell more impactful visual stories that promote nationwide certification.

Forest Stewardship Council is a non-profit organization that has been committed to responsible forest management for over 25 years. FSC was first established in 1993 as a response to growing concerns about deforestation. Today, the organization has a presence in more than 50 countries and operates with an ambitious goal in mind – save the world from climate change.

FSC Denmark seeks members who are committed to the long term sustainability of certified forests. Stakeholders work closely as an inclusive body of decision-makers to decide how to ethically source and distribute FSC managed timber. Enhancing brand awareness through engagement with NGOs, social organizations and international companies also plays a vital role in how FSC operates.

Loa Dalgaard Worm is the Strategic Director at FSC Denmark. With over 17 years of industry experience, Loa’s role includes stakeholder outreach programs, political lobbying, and national campaigns. Loa also leads a passionate communications team that works closely to improve corporate engagement.

Goal: Centralizing assets that enhance visual brand identity

When launching a recent seasonal campaign with an FSC Denmark member, it became apparent to Loa and the team that their extensive library of digital assets could be better utilized. They were using the same images for marketing campaigns, despite 15 gigabytes of assets available. The reason: image banks full of poorly labelled folders that were scattered across uncentralized digital catalogs.

When photographers shared external hard drives, they often contained images that wouldn’t open on computers. This became a big issue when collaborating with FSC members. Static Dropbox links also meant that, as a project evolved, key assets were getting left behind.

“Photographers send us fantastic photos from all over the world,” Loa says, “but these images were often being stored on individual hard drives, Dropbox and SharePoint. Our assets were scattered and unorganized.”

Security equipment on a wall.

Instead of launching fresh campaigns packed with images of FSC Denmark’s latest achievements, Loa and the team realized there was a lack of brand diversity emerging. It was time to find a solution.

“We realized we needed a system that worked better for us,” Loa says, “and to unpack the giant digital assets we already have.”

Enter Canto: Assets easily stored, identified and updated

After researching digital asset management solutions, geotagging, share links and facial recognition features convinced FSC Denmark that Canto was their digital home.

“Canto has really helped us be more agile in our asset development,” Loa says.

FSC Denmark stores videos, brand logos, photos and images in Canto. Assets are now centralized and accessible immediately. Adobe Suite has also been integrated into a digital management system that enables FSC Denmark to fully express the work they do.

“Now we’re able to communicate our visual diversity much more than we could with the old system,” Loa says.

Screenshot of the Canto media library of FCS Denmark.

Syncing with brand partners

FSC Members request digital assets in multiple languages. Having easy-to-share assets has helped FSC Denmark work closer with partners and brand advocates.

“Before with Dropbox, whenever you shared a link every single asset had to be ready to go,” Loa says, “but with Canto, our folders aren’t static, we can update and add assets as part of a rolling campaign before its launch date. This way, we’re much more agile.”

Simple search and storage options

Creating albums and folders that are simple to find has allowed Loa’s team to customize transferable FSC content with intuitive tag and metadata features. The ability to grant specific access with user control options is another liberating tool that’s been fully embraced by Loa’s team.

“Canto was worth the investment because of the impact it has had on our visual profile. Features like Global Search have simplified how we find and make available all of our digital assets,” Loa says.

Facial recognition and tagging enhances FSC Denmark’s visual profile

Geotagging will allow FSC Denmark to identify assets from a specific location, and help organize files in a way that makes them easy to identify. A facial recognition feature that can be enabled and disabled is another big plus FSC Denmark welcomes as a global organization.

“These features will make things a lot easier for us,” Loa says, “we’re already impressed with just how much Canto can identify on a single image.”

Picture of a healthy tree in a forest.

Securely shared links also provide instant access to collaborators based remotely, and allow FSC Denmark to align with global corporations. Canto is enabling FSC to share captivating stories that are reflective of the work they’re doing now.

“Storytelling is fundamental to us sharing our vision. Canto helps us communicate and showcase the diversity of our forest based products. We know where our digital assets are now, and how best to store and share them,” Loa says.

Getting agile with Portals, Share Links and User Roles

Implementing Canto Portals is having a positive impact on FSC Denmark’s future. They plan to create an image bank for their members that is fully cataloged. Video snippets and drone shots that can be downloaded will also be readily available to advocates of FSC.

“Now we’ll be able to share assets for stakeholder campaigns that range from newspaper ads to the latest branding displayed in flagship stores,” Loa says. “We can also continue to add assets as we develop strategies for seasonal campaigns that are much richer. Canto is going to make us digitally stronger, and save us heaps of time.”

Embracing tools that allow Canto users to share privately or publicly, as well as real-time link sharing options that include time-sensitive expiry dates, is helping FSC Denmark to grow their brand nationwide. As the organization continues to unpack a large database of digital assets, admin, consumer and contributor user roles have enabled team members to gain the access they need, and quickly.

“With Canto, we’re much quicker as a team in our asset development,” Loa says.

Storytelling is fundamental to us sharing our vision. Canto helps us communicate and showcase the diversity of our forest-based products. We know where our digital assets are now, and how best to store and share them.

Loa Dalgaard Worm – Strategic Director

Results: Assets that have a visible and national impact on FSC Denmark campaigns

FSC Denmark plays a vital role in the sustainability and protection of forests. Because of Canto they are now able to share stories that play a central role in their quest to have all forestation certified nationwide.

At FSC Denmark, they believe strong imagery should be reflective of the organization’s core principles, and influence how people view forests. Canto is proud to empower FSC Denmark’s digital assets as they continue on a journey to save the world from deforestation.

“With Canto, now we’re able to better showcase FSC certified products like paper, furniture and packaging,” Loa says.

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