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Winchester, UK

Canto helps Shuttercraft get inspiring photos into the hands of their sales teams

Shuttercraft is one of the largest shutter and blind companies in the UK. They offer a full range of high-quality, custom window coverings to suit anyone’s design taste. The company has a national team headquartered in Winchester but also has local teams at 32 franchise locations throughout the country.

Clarissa Hearn is the Franchise Manager at Shuttercraft. Supported by Rachel Davies, Franchise Marketing Executive, she leads the charge on day-to-day campaigns and operations for each location. Her role is overarching, including everything from graphic design and print signage to uniforms and van fleets.

The goal

Shuttercraft needed a centralized place to store and easily search through their mountain of images.

The result

With Canto, the marketing team is empowered to help franchises promote products and close deals.

Goal: Improve asset searchability

Each location in the Shuttercraft franchise network sends Clarissa and Rachel at least four images monthly. With 32 locations, this adds up to a lot of pictures. These photos need to be accessible not just to the franchise that supplied them, but other franchises and the marketing teams as well.

Before Canto, Shuttercraft used shared drives to store content. The shared drives didn’t have an organizational structure that worked for them, so the team couldn’t search effectively and wasted time combing through their troves of images.

“We didn’t have a structure for finding anything, particularly from a marketing perspective. So building pieces of artwork for magazines or particular campaigns, it was just going through hundreds and hundreds of pictures in a folder on a shared drive to try and find anything,” says Clarissa.

One of the most impactful ways that the Shuttercraft team uses imagery is to show inspiration photos to customers. Without these images, it can be difficult for people to envision the finished product in their space.

“We’ve got customers who are having shutters done in their bedroom. They want to see examples of bedroom shutters and maybe a specific type of install in a bedroom. There was no way to really find those images,” says Clarissa.

In order for sales reps to show customers the product options, they need to be able to quickly find photos of a particular room or certain type of shutter or blind. This was nearly impossible with their photos scattered and unorganized.

“You weren’t guaranteed to find what you needed quickly, or ever. You had to know who had certain things at certain times. And there was just an endless cycle of imagery everywhere,” says Clarissa.

Enter Canto: Creativity unleashed

Clarissa decided to implement Canto because of it’s user-friendly interface, duplicate check feature and integrations with Adobe products.

“Overall, the look and feel is really nice. We also love the ability to just upload and download things immediately with all the editing tools, and its compatibility with Adobe,” says Clarissa.

Adobe integrations

The marketing team uses Adobe to produce artwork for national and local campaigns. Clarissa specifically works with InDesign and because of Canto’s integration, her creative workflow has been more efficient and streamlined.

”Before I would export out all of the content from InDesign into Photoshop, faffing about with it then bringing it back into InDesign. Now, I can just build the folder and address the bits that need addressing within Canto. I can bump up the resolution and change the color space without having to go in and out of the big programs. It’s really handy,” says Clarissa.

Storing and sharing images for the franchise network

Every month, the franchisees send Clarissa and Rachel at least four photos from their location’s completed projects. All locations have a folder in Canto to ensure everyone knows exactly where their location’s images are stored.

“It’s really important for us internally to know whose imagery is whose. The network wants to know where their images are. We can drop in their personalized content, like headshots and recruitment stuff,” says Clarissa.

As far as viewing content goes, the Portal is where the network easily finds images to show to customers. Whether the customer is in the store or the sales rep is at the customer’s home, they can access the Portal and find inspiration photos from projects across all locations.

“The hero collection is divided up into the room types because it’s the most common area of customer interest. People in the network can just open Canto, go to living rooms and show customers living room inspiration designs,” says Clarissa.

Organization with tags

Clarissa decided to create a tagging list of common terms so everyone would be on the same page when searching through their library. The team is set up for success to quickly find the assets they need.

“We’ve made a strict tagging list to make sure everyone can always find what they need without having to guess what someone’s called a particular room in a house. We’re trying to build the structure around tagging that’s as foolproof as possible,” says Clarissa.

Since Shuttercraft started storing and tagging content in Canto, the team has been able to expand their media library to include seasonal images. They tag assets by season, allowing them to search for timely images.

“We have publications that go out quarterly, so we’re now starting to pick up things that are seasonally themed. Since we started using Canto, we have a feel for the images in a far more artistic sense,” says Clarissa.

Clarissa Hearns, Franchise Manager

Canto has made my life a lot easier. When I'm coming up with artwork and designs, I don't have to spend time just to find an image I wanted. Opening up Canto in Adobe means I have instant access to what I'm looking for. It's just saving me a lot of time and energy.

Clarissa HearnFranchise Manager

Results: More business for their franchise network

As the marketing lead for 32 locations, Clarissa has a lot on her plate. Canto has helped her win back time and get projects and campaigns done more quickly.

“Canto has made my life a lot easier. When I’m coming up with artwork and designs, I don’t have to spend time just to find an image I wanted. Opening up Canto in Adobe means I have instant access to what I’m looking for. It’s just saving me a lot of time and energy,” says Clarissa.

The Shuttercraft marketing team’s main goal is to build up leads and generate business. With Canto, the team seamlessly delivers content to the franchise network – and ultimately helps them sell more shutters and blinds.

“We put in a lot of work to be able to deliver the service that the network expects from us. Success is all about delivery and getting those results from that delivery. Canto is a tool that’s helping us do that much more efficiently,” says Clarissa.