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SYNLawn levels up brand by aligning global distributors with Canto

The grass is always greener where you water it…unless it’s SYNLawn’s artificial turf! SYNLawn’s globally-recognized, bio-based synthetic grass provides functional, eco-friendly and beautiful solutions for clients that range from luxury hotels and golf courses to pet and home owners.

Matthew Wagner, SYNLawn’s digital marketing specialist, manages the company’s digital and web presence and helps distributors align their marketing with SYNLawn’s brand. As the brand and its content grew quickly, Matthew proactively advocated for a digital asset management (DAM) solution to take the brand to the next level.

“What started out as a small startup in Orlando is now becoming a globally-recognized brand, which is really exciting. We’re in Latin America, Australia, Japan and Korea, and we’re expanding rapidly in Europe, where our parent company now lives, and beyond. We’re scaling up very rapidly,” says Matthew.

Customer profile

Customer profile

Dalton, GA
Artificial Landscape, Home Improvement, Manufacturing
The goal

The goal

SYNLawn needed to streamline their internal marketing and empower their worldwide distributors with the best assets.

The result

The result

The SYNLawn marketing team uses Canto to give their distributors a ‘wow’ factor when they interact with clients and to ensure a positive, consistent brand experience for customers across the globe.

Goal: Trimming inefficiency and empowering distributors

SYNLawn manufactures their artificial grass products and works with independent distributors that sell and install the products. As part of the SYNLawn marketing team, Matthew will often take photos for the distributors to use in their local advertising campaigns or in the sales process. The distributors will also take photos of their own installations; across their global network of distributors, this adds up to a huge library of valuable photos that can help each individual distributor sell better.

Over his 15 years of working at SYNLawn, Matthew collected tens of thousands of these photos and became the company’s digital curator – but he had no way to centralize and organize the images so that they were accessible to stakeholders. Team members and distributors would often ask Matthew for images of specific installations, which would take a lot of time for him to find in SYNLawn’s extensive library of images.

“It was turning into a burden. We decided to look for a digital asset management system to try to free up bandwidth for other things and use our time more efficiently,” says Matthew. “Having a digital asset library was a necessity not only for us internally, but for the individual distributors to be able to find what they needed on their own time.”

Matthew led the search for a DAM solution and his team chose Canto for its ease of use.

“Of all the solutions we looked at, Canto felt like the best fit for us. It’s very intuitive and doesn’t take a lot of training for someone to jump right in and start using the system,” says Matthew.

Enter Canto: A centralized library for a global brand

SYNLawn now centralizes all of their imagery in Canto, giving their distributors on-demand access to a vast library of assets.

Screenshot of the Canto media library of SYNLawn.

Getting organized

Matthew created folders for each region where SYNLawn has distributors and each folder is further organized by year. He makes sure to tag the assets so that they are easily findable via search. His teammates are now able to go into Canto and grab what they need, eliminating a bottleneck in the team’s creative flow.

“As much as we tried to share our images in the past, people were inevitably coming to me instead of looking for those assets on their own. Now, people know to go to Canto first,” says Matthew.

Centralizing distributor images for on-demand access

In addition to making all of their marketing imagery available to distributors, SYNLawn encourages their distributors to upload their own photos. This broadens the pool of available imagery and helps both the internal team and other distributors to find assets that they might need for various projects, such as local advertising campaigns and sales.

“We want them to leverage the assets that we have here when they’re bidding on a job. They can say, ‘Look, these are examples of jobs that we’ve done in this particular field in the past,’” says Matthew.

“We give the sales reps a bit of training on how to use Canto and how to pull and share images. Then, they can easily pull up these images on their own.”

A sales rep talking to a potential client about using SYNLawn products for a specific purpose can easily find images of previous projects from the brand’s global network of distributors. These images help the customer visualize how SYNLawn products can meet their needs.

“If a distributor is looking for a particular type of installation, for example, a golf installation, they can go in Canto and do a search for ‘golf’ or ‘putting green’ or anything like that. They’ll get a huge number of photographs related to golf. This really helps their sales teams sell to potential customers,” says Matthew.

Distributors can also use marketing-approved imagery for local advertising campaigns or any other projects that ultimately give them an edge in selling SYNLawn products.

“If they have any local marketing that they’re doing, they could take one of these photos and use it in an advertisement. Whatever they’re working on, they can just go into Canto and select the images that work best for them.”

Screenshot of the Canto media library of SYNLawn, showing selected pictures.

Ensuring brand consistency

Having this centralized library also makes it easier for the SYNLawn marketing team to ensure brand consistency across their global distributors, because they all have access to the right brand assets and imagery.

“Whether you’re in Boise, Idaho or New York City, we want to have a consistent look and feel from top to bottom with a SYNLawn brand,” says Matthew.

Our distributors are the face of our brand. They're the ones out in the field talking to customers, making sales and putting together the installations. We use Canto to give our distributors that ‘wow’ factor.

Matthew Wagner – Digital Marketing Specialist

Results: Helping distributors ‘wow’ clients

Delighting customers is the SYNLawn team’s bottom line, and that means empowering their distributors to deliver top-notch customer experiences that reflect positively on the SYNLawn brand.

“We want to build relationships with our customers and give them the best experience possible,” says Matthew.

Canto helps SYNLawn arm their distributors with the assets they need to show potential customers the extensive possibilities of synthetic grass and set themselves apart from the competition.

“Our distributors are the face of our brand,” says Matthew. “They’re the ones out in the field talking to customers, making sales and putting together the installations. We use Canto to give our distributors that ‘wow’ factor.”

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