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The 3 absolute best modern podcasts for business

by Casey Schmidt  |  April 21, 2020

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A collection of podcast hardware.

Listening to a quality business podcast brings you one step closer to success. It increases your business-literacy and forces you to think about topics differently. You wouldn’t expect to know a lot about business if you had never read a book about business. Similarly, you’d have to conclude that listening to business podcasts could only build upon your knowledge.

Ultimately, business podcasts deliver ideas from highly successful entrepreneurs who are willing to share what worked for them with their audience. It may seem counter-intuitive to trust that they’re so willing to give away their secrets. However, they aren’t giving it away for free. They’re promoting their company further and establishing themselves as an authority in a particular topic.

3 podcasts for business you can’t miss

Below are three shows that you need to check out if you’re looking for unique, modern perspectives and ideas from business professionals.

1. Mixergy

The Mixergy podcast screen.
Mixergy has a wide range of different hosts and guests.

What: Interviews with business experts; topical discussions; numerous different episodes and guests.

How: Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Mixergy.com

Who: Andrew Warner (plus other guests and hosts)

Mixergy’ delivers a wide variety of podcast episodes, ranging from current issues businesses face, to success stories that we can all learn from. The thing that stands out most about ‘Mixergy’ are its extensive guest appearances, professional hosts and basic show structure. It truly sticks to the script, so to speak, and keeps audiences engaged and informed on each new show topic. On top of interesting guests, ‘Mixery’ also provides plenty of unique topics that aren’t often tackled.

One thing that makes ‘Mixergy’ so great is its ability to deliver honest information to listeners in an exciting, structured way. Whereas other podcasts might only show audiences success stories, ‘Mixergy’ ensures they cover times where businesses and different models fail. This gives the audience reassurance that the show won’t mislead them or offer them guests who might misinform them.

2. Online Marketing Made Easy

The Online Marketing Made easy podcast.
Online Marketing Made Easy is specific to online businesses.

What: Strategy for online companies; how-to guides for startups; extensive tips and tricks in each show.

How: Apple Podcasts, Amyporterfield.com

Who: Amy Porterfield (and guests)

Online Marketing Made Easy’ is focused entirely towards helping online businesses succeed. Each episode dives into important issues and navigates common problems online business owners often face. Though there are a few guests every so often, this podcast has much fewer guests than other shows. Instead, it’s focused on creating helpful ideas for interesting new issues.

The most important part of ‘Online Marketing Made Easy’ is its absolute commitment to staying within a single topic while filling each show with new and exciting information to learn. Though it doesn’t cover as many business issues that a more broader podcast might, it makes up for it by magnifying areas in a way that helps companies make minor, effective adjustments. Here are a few more suggestions for marketing podcasts to check out.

3. RISE Podcast

A picture of the RISE Podcast.
The RISE Podcast delivers unique shows every episode.

What: Dynamic, modern business tactics; interviews with cutting-edge business leaders; unique insight into author Rachel Hollis’ creative business ideas.

How: Apple Podcasts, thehollisco.com

Who: Rachel Hollis (and guests)

RISE Podcast’ presents listeners with ideas that demand effort and involvement, rather than simply a passive listening experience. Each show offers groundbreaking insight into common business topics, then has audiences try things in order to make sure they’re taking everything they can in from the episode.

What makes ‘RISE’ stand out is the unorthodox guest lineups. It seems like a business podcast should have business-related guests on the show, (which does make a lot of sense) but ‘RISE’ uses experts from other areas to gather new insight and perspective in order to relate it to business. This keeps listeners on their toes and excited to learn more each episode.

Not everyone has the same routine or strategy for listening to podcasts. Some may listen in the car, others while relaxing in a chair at home. However the place, time, or device, make sure that you’re at least listening to the best podcasts for business.