SaaS or software as a service has transformed the way software and its business environment interact. Boasting functions that simplify the onboarding process and lets you work anywhere, SaaS has changed the game for good.

In fact, SaaS is so disruptive that it not only adjusts the way traditional IT departments operate, it touches the media library too. No longer does your media library have to be a jumble of misplaced files in mismatched folders – SaaS media libraries, enabled by the faculties of digital asset management (DAM) software, go far beyond the limitations of ordinary cloud storage.

Here are some top reasons to choose a SaaS digital media library instead of a locally deployed system.

Reason #1: Lower cost

Deploying software systems used to be a dramatic and expensive undertaking. Implementing SaaS, in contrast, is incredibly cost efficient and is made to fit budgets of all sizes because of its ‘pay as you need’ transaction model.

With SaaS, you simply pay for the services you need while not tacking on additional costs with licensing or other unused resources. Another route permitted by SaaS is a time based subscription model, where you pay a flat fee for an allotted time frame per user.

The savings don’t stop there – logistically speaking, SaaS does away with installation, maintenance, and upgrade costs. The software is ready to go upon subscription and will stay ready with scheduled automated updates. The ease of entry and reduced base cost defeats some of the crippling risk that can come with such a commitment.

Reason #2: Limitless scalability

‘Pay as you grow’ is also a tenet that SaaS lives by. Especially with media libraries, housing such an immensely large amount of data, it’s crucial to have the flexibility to expand when ready. Storage capacities are usually quite large to begin with, as are the user license packages.

So, when you’re ready, just adjust your subscription to fit your media library needs. SaaS is ready to grow when you do too.

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Reason #3: Emancipating IT departments

The calling card for SaaS is its automation, spanning across installation, updates, and maintenance. Traditionally, these tasks were delegated to IT departments located onsite. SaaS takes care of all these tasks so your IT department won’t have to.

Through cloud storage, there will be a central data center that information will be automatically backed up to. The benefits of this are numerous including further security and disaster recovery capability. So, when you upload your media assets onto DAM, you can rest assured that your data is protected and retrievable.

Reason #4: Refocusing of IT department to value tasks

A more streamlined IT team means that you can allocate your focus towards the most pressing needs in your company. Consultation may be a need that your IT department can accomplish. Prevalence of SaaS has inundated the market with software that may not fit the needs and scope of your business. Educated input that take into consideration divisional budget is necessary and can be advised upon by your IT team.

Certainly, troubleshooting and technical support for infrastructure are traditional responsibilities that IT teams will perform. But new skills like integrating third party applications, cloud languages, and service-oriented architecture are popping up that will demand the attention of more specialized IT professionals.

In conjunction, the versatility of SaaS and the organization of a media library make for a powerful team.