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Dropbox cloud: Features that work for you

by Canto  |  December 6, 2020

2 min. read

Dropbox is a cloud-based system that allows you to save, upload and access files remotely. User-friendly, it’s a storage option that syncs teams and makes files available across all of your devices. Instead of saving assets on hard drives and memory sticks that can get lost, Dropbox frees up space to make room for better collaboration. Here we look at three features that could work well for your business.

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File recovery for improved asset maintenance

A cool feature of Dropbox is the ability to recover files – 60 days for basic packages and up to 180 days for professional and business users. How much time you have to recover your information will depend on the entry package you choose. When handling large volumes of digital assets files can get misplaced and theft can occur. Knowing there’s an option to retrace your steps and make sure final versions are no longer raw assets helps teams thrive together.

3 features of file recovery:

  • Latest file history recall
  • Undo and restore
  • Edit and delete warning messages

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Remote wipe for enhanced security

Remote wipe is a security plus for businesses wanting a backup option should they experience a loss of equipment that contains data. This handy feature works on your chosen device and the user has control. Dropbox Plus, Professional and Business packages each contain remote wipe capabilities.

3 features of remote wipe:

  • Sign in from any location to wipe individual devices
  • Access files from Dropbox once an individual device is wiped
  • Manage team access to key files in tandem with staff turnover


Scalable storage capacities

Your cloud storage should scale with your business. Dropbox offers a variety of storage options and allows you to access files offline. How much cloud storage you require will depend on the ambitions of your business. Here’s a breakdown of the storage packages available.

Storage packages:

  • Basic: 2 GB
  • Plus: 2 TB
  • Professional: 3TB
  • Business Standard: 3TB
  • Advanced: Limitless
  • Enterprise: Limitless

With Dropbox teams can manage and access cloud-storage files remotely. Security, adaptability and user control features are important factors to consider in the fight for cybersecurity and file accuracy. Choose a package that works best for your business needs and helps teams shine.