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3 key advantages of Dropbox for Business

by Casey Schmidt  |  December 26, 2019

3 min. read

Dropbox for Business is a potential way for companies to store their growing data and files on a cloud system. Before you dive into this edition of Dropbox, it’s important you know exactly what it entails and some of its benefits. Here’s a helpful guide.

What is Dropbox for Business?

Dropbox is the most popular cloud storage systems available, allowing users to safely store and share files and data online. It lets users backup their information and then access it from numerous locations, such as a home computer or different mobile devices. There are different types of Dropbox packages, the one I’ll be going over here is Dropbox for Business.

Dropbox for Business is the enterprise version of Dropbox. It’s an efficient, fast storage tool that allows for quick sharing and extensive collaboration. Teams use it to finish projects faster, boost communication and share valuable work safely with other team members and externals. It syncs up with user systems just as the basic version of Dropbox does.

A screenshot of the Business Dropbox version.
The right cloud system does wonders for a company.

Three advantages of Dropbox for Business

Dropbox Business has a lot of benefits to consider. Here are the three most important advantages:

1. Super simple, super fast

This seems like the most important and logical thing to point out when it comes to Dropbox for Business. It’s very fast and so easy to use. A clunky, slow program could hamper a company drastically, as each time they need to access their stored files, it would be a long process. This speed also helps team members quickly share files in order to complete projects.

It’s almost counter-intuitive to think that ‘simple’ is a good thing but it is in this case. Remember that Dropbox for Business is designed to operate in large enterprises, which typically consist of a lot of different people. The more people involved, the less complex a universal system should be. Luckily in the case of Dropbox for Business, it’s very easy to use, allowing each team member a chance to successfully navigate it. In particular, its interface is amazingly simplistic. Team members simply need to drag and drop files.

A hand holding a stopwatch.
Speed is everything when it comes to the cloud.

2. Extensive admin control

It’s important that administrators have sufficient control to limit mistakes, errors and unauthorized use of sensitive files. Dropbox for Business was designed to give admins the necessary control they need over their entire cloud storage system. This certainly keeps a company secure, especially in the long term.

Some of the things admins are able to control in Dropbox for Business are user access, link accessibility and file limitations. If, for example, a company wanted certain shared files accessibility to a specific group of users but not a different group, administrators could set limits to make sure only the correct group is included.

A block of letters that read 'admin'.
Admins need a lot of controls to succeed.

3. Ever-increasing security

One of the most important details companies look over when reviewing a cloud system is the security. Will it keep their data safe from unwarranted outsiders (and sometimes even team members when applicable)? Will its security features evolve with the changing technology and hacker behaviors?

Fortunately, this cloud program has made it a priority to ensure their systems are protected from the most devastating threats. There are different checks that keep accounts safe, including extensive password features. Furthermore, there are ways to prevent a link to files from lasting forever. Overall, Dropbox for Business steps up when it comes to security.

Dropbox for Business definitely has some positive features to consider. However, it’s not perfect. With every program comes some disadvantages as well and Dropbox has a few. Whatever the case, if Dropbox doesn’t quite fit in with your needs, consider some Dropbox alternatives.

The most important thing when implementing a cloud system for your business is that it fits your needs. Sometimes reviews tell you what’s best but they are taking their needs into account, not your own. Make sure Dropbox for Business is truly right for you.