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How design teams scale creativity with Canto

by Catherine Chiang  |  February 3, 2020

2 min. read

As more organizations insource content creation, the pressure is on in-house design and creative teams. Streamlining content workflows can help design teams keep up with these increased demands.

Here’s how these design teams eliminate bottlenecks and get more done with Canto!


The global packaging design team at Godiva aims to make unwrapping a Godiva chocolate a luxurious experience. With this task comes lots of assets to keep organized and accessible for a large, distributed team. Godiva uses Canto to organize their seasonal promo collateral and other time sensitive materials.

The team has saved countless hours with Canto and is better able to focus on their work, rather than image requests.

“Because Canto works so well, we are accomplishing more. On a given day we each save a ½ hour or more – just from team members being able to self-serve their image requests, instead of me fishing an image out of the old system for them,” says Azita Shahidi, design development manager at Godiva.

evolution of smooth (eos)

The graphic design team at eos is responsible for the brand’s fun, unique packaging designs and captivating marketing visuals. The team supports the broader marketing organization, so sharing the content stored in their server internally became a bottleneck when eos expanded globally.

eos chose Canto to manage their digital assets, including design files, images and marketing materials. Now, users are empowered to self-serve with Canto’s intuitive interface, enabling the graphic design team to move quickly and keep up with eos’ growth.

“Before, someone would spend time looking for an asset without finding it, and then they would request it from me, so I would go to the server and look for it. There was a lot of back and forth. Now it’s easy – anyone can go through the folders or just search using keywords to find exactly what they’re looking for,” says Valentin Costea, senior production artist at eos.

“Canto makes it easy to find the assets we need, and helps streamline content sharing across our global teams.”

Furman University

Furman University’s creative services team supports University Communications by creating visuals to help tell the institution’s story. Finding the photography they needed in their scattered system of servers, hard drives, discs and Box became too difficult and time-consuming as the team grew.

The team now uses Canto to house all of their photography. Canto’s easy sharing features help team members collaborate across campus.

“Our Canto instance is organized and efficient, making locating assets a breeze. It has saved us so much time and provided access to the most current photography, which helps our work – whether print or digital – stand out in a crowd,” says Kaylee Welgraven, graphic designer at Furman University.