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Two simple methods to make a URL for your PC images

by Casey Schmidt  |  April 21, 2020

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We share our images in different ways – some on social media, others with our colleagues. Depending on what you need to use the picture for, it’s important to know how to create a specific type of URL. Here are two different popular ways to create URLs for images on your computer.

For business/professional

If you need a professional URL for a portfolio, business project or other professional campaign, you’ll want to upload the image from your computer onto one of these sites. The following services create a URL for you to comfortably share with important business contacts.

1. Digital asset management

Digital asset management (DAM) is the most comprehensive system for creating URLs for professional images. Because of how business-oriented DAM is, it offers users the most secure process available to create and share URLs for different images. Another important detail to consider about DAM is that it is widely-known for its ability to manage large quantities of digital pictures. This makes it perfect for any company in need of exhaustive image storage.

2. 500px

500px is a sophisticated image site, designed to give users a URL for important images. Things like portfolios and images for business projects are perfect for 500px, due to its professional layout. One unique thing this site offers is an exhaustive analytics tool that details how your images and portfolios are performing. Finally, 500px requires a paid account before uploading, so make sure the site does what you’re looking for.

The 500px website.
500px is a great way for users with high resolution images to share photos.

3. SmugMug

SmugMug is the best way for photographers to create URLs for their images. This is the case especially when they’re sharing their images in a portfolio, with clients or professional galleries. SmugMug is aimed toward career photographers and people who need their images to retain the highest pixel quality. What makes this website so beneficial is it offers unlimited storage – a necessity when using large images. Finally, it requires a signup but there’s an initial free trial to test it out first.

The SmugMug website.
SmugMug is great for aspiring photographers.

For social media/leisure

The most direct method for creating a URL for an image on your computer is uploading it straight onto an image hosting site. But what type of site should you choose? It depends on where you want to post the URL. If you need a social sharing site, here are three options for when you want to share the URL with friends or family.

1. imgur

imgur makes it easy to create a URL for your PC image. Here’s the quickest way to go about it: first, navigate your browser to imgur and click the green ‘New Post’ button in the upper left corner of your screen. This will load a new page (seen below). From here, you can add different photos off your machine onto imgur and obtain a URL for each one of them. Note that imgur is designed to be a social/sharing site, so it’s geared toward this purpose first and foremost.
A screenschot of the imgur user interface

2. Flickr

Flickr forces users to register for an account before uploading images for URLs. This can be good or bad depending on how important security is to you concerning your images. In order to get started, head to the Flickr website in a browser and sign up. Once registered, click the cloud icon with the arrow on it to upload a photo. Then click the blue ‘choose photos and videos to upload’ button. Locate the image you wish to create a URL for and open it. You’ll have a URL to share as you please.

The Flickr website.
Flickr is a fast, browser-based solution.

3. PostImage

PostImage is the most no-nonsense image upload site, giving you a URL for images off your computer without any fluff or hassle. In order to upload your pictures directly to the website, first navigate to PostImage and click the ‘Choose images’ button. A popup window will appear – click the image of your choice and click the ‘Open’ button. You’ll be given a shareable URL.

The PostImage website.
PostImage gives fast access to image uploads.

It’s vital you know exactly how to make a URL for a picture on your computer. When you need to create one, the most important step is deciding what types of people or places are you going to be sharing the link with.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do privacy settings vary across image hosting platforms?

Privacy settings on image hosting platforms like Imgur, Flickr, and 500px vary significantly. Most offer options to keep images private, share them with specific people, or make them public. Users are advised to review each platform’s privacy settings to ensure they meet their requirements.

What are the cost implications for using image hosting services?

The cost of using image hosting services ranges from free basic accounts to paid subscriptions for advanced features. For example, Imgur and Flickr offer free accounts with the option of premium upgrades, while platforms like SmugMug might require a subscription after a trial period. Costs depend on the storage needs, desired features, and the professional level of the service.

How do image hosting platforms integrate with other services or social media?

Many image hosting platforms offer integration features, allowing users to easily share URLs on social media or embed them in websites and blogs. The specifics of integration vary by platform, but most provide straightforward methods to connect with popular social media sites and content management systems.