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How growing teams can simplify their creative operations

by Catherine Chiang  |  November 13, 2019

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Creative teams are producing more digital content faster than ever to meet internal demand as their organizations grow. It can become increasingly difficult to manage that growing library of visual content that fuels creative projects – which is why a centralized digital library is more important than ever.

Here’s how teams use Canto to save time, stay on the same page on their projects and scale creativity.

Teams are increasingly turning towards digital assets to support their business objectives. As teams scale, components of their creative processes can begin to break down.

Every day, we speak with companies that have digital assets living in multiple places. The problem these companies face is that they have limited visibility into what content they actually have, and it’s impossible for them to quickly access, search, find and share with internal teams or third party partners.

One of our favorite examples of scaling creative operations is how United Airlines uses Canto to support their 800+ global sales reps. The team was using SharePoint, but found it nearly impossible to access and share assets. They had limited visibility and found it difficult to search through their massive library to support the sales teams with assets on the fly.

Canto provides a centralized repository for their digital assets that the team could organize with keywords, tags and additional metadata. This makes it super easy for the team to find what they need. Most importantly, Canto enables the sales team to self-serve and access the assets they need to do their jobs effectively through Canto portals. This helps both the marketing and global sales teams move more quickly, even as the organization grows!

Watch this webinar on-demand to see exactly how teams can use Canto’s robust features to streamline creative workflows.