How Secure Is Dropbox – A Comprehensive Examination


How secure is Dropbox? It’s a question that will be asked a lot these days with its rise in popularity. And it’s the most important question that any organization can ask concerning online storage systems.

Dropbox Is a Big Target for Hackers

Dropbox is the most popular cloud storage system on the internet today, which inherently increases security risks. The most users equates to the most information to steal, and hackers have taken note. Multiple successful cyber attacks have been carried out onto Dropbox. With millions of users’ information exposed, organizations are treading lightly with Dropbox as a storage source for valuable assets.

A young woman is smiling at the camera while holding a tablet and sitting next to a laptop in an office.
The popularity of Dropbox motivates hackers to attack more frequently.

There are two important takeaways from these hacks. One is that Dropbox remains a popular target for cyber attacks. The other is Dropbox is unequipped to deal with breaches of private information.

How the Encryption of Files Holds Up

In the past couple years Dropbox has beefed up its security with strong encryption, restricting its employees from accessing and viewing your messages and pictures. However, the issue isn’t completely solved there, as wiggle room remains for Dropbox if they so choose to look at a file, they can make changes that allow them to do so. Though this is likely only to be used for legislative purposes, the threat of it happening should keep companies on edge enough to consider an alternative system.

Positive Progressions of Dropbox Security in Recent Years

Dropbox has some strong security features that should be pointed out, and a lot of efforts have been made by the company to increase its once-vulnerable security. To keep information safe from accidental erasures or technical problems, it offers backup services. They are transparent in times where data is purposely exposed to comply with legal requests. Though the transparency shows a level of trustworthiness to consumers, it also dents the actual security of Dropbox as the encryption is only valuable if it stays encrypted.

A young woman is focused on her work as she is simultaneously looking at her laptop while taking notes on her notepad.
Dropbox has bolstered its security in recent years.

Alternative Option if Dropbox Security Doesn’t Have You Convinced

Digital asset management (DAM) is the cloud storage of the future, especially for its security advantages. Canto DAM is strong in its security where Dropbox falters. Especially for a business with sensitive data, DAM makes so much more sense than a simple cloud-storage system.

The security needs of users and organizations alike should be reevaluated constantly to avoid major mistakes and breeches of valuable data. Dropbox has undergone security updates, but should stay under a scrutinous eye for all users and businesses implementing the system.

Dropbox has made serious progress over the last few years to improve its security, and that is a great sign for people who believe Dropbox is the best option for them. However, even with its improvements, the fact remains it has come up short where it counts.