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3 unique LinkedIn marketing strategy tips to help you succeed

by Casey Schmidt  |  March 13, 2020

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LinkedIn has changed drastically over the years, moving from being solely a career networking site for individuals into a comprehensive professional networking tool. Companies are able to share a lot of relevant content while connecting with past, current and future clients. If you’ve already got a LinkedIn company profile created, this guide will help you make the most of it. If you don’t have one yet, these three tips will help you build it correctly.

1. Center efforts around your network

It’s easy to get caught up in all the different functions, features and benefits of LinkedIn, so much so that we lose sight of its true power – connecting to others. When it comes to creating a powerful marketing strategy for LinkedIn, center it around building and broadening your network. What are some basic ways you can do this? Start by evaluating your current network. Do you have enough prospects from your target audience? Have you connected with different users and clients your company has recently been in-touch with? It’s important to grow your network as much as reasonable.

This is of course just the beginning of the networking process. In order to succeed, you now need to reach out to your network in meaningful and efficient ways. Spend time researching the new users you’ve connected with, then consider how it will best serve your team to continue with them. Building a solid foundational relationship with your network is the key to a powerful LinkedIn marketing strategy.

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A connected network is key to crucial LinkedIn efficacy.

2. Emphasize the importance of your company profile

One of the most important parts of the LinkedIn experience is putting forth a powerful business profile that draws audiences to your brand and makes it easy for them to connect. If a profile is very cookie-cutter, users will assume the same thing about the company. Build or re-build your profile in order to have a professional feel to it. Just as importantly, make sure it’s easy to navigate the profile and find how to connect with your company through it.

Another thing to consider when strategizing the profile is the layout and aesthetics in relation to your brand. Brand consistency definitely applies when building a LinkedIn profile. Differing logos, schemes and colors, though seemingly harmless, have a big effect on audience connection. It confuses anyone who visits the profile, leaving them to wonder if it’s an official company profile or not. Avoid this confusion by adhering to strict brand standards.

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Ensure your company profile is easy to navigate.

3. Further the outreach and quality of your content

Don’t underestimate how beneficial to your marketing efforts creating quality content and sharing it on LinkedIn can be. The attention content gets on LinkedIn can be astronomical. There are, of course, some things to consider when creating your company content for LinkedIn. First, remember that more doesn’t always equal better. Writing a lengthy article to share on LinkedIn doesn’t necessarily attract more attention. Conversely, writing a short piece doesn’t always get more clicks either. Focus on creating quality content rather than meeting some sort of length quota.

Something else to keep in mind while adding content to your LinkedIn marketing efforts is the fact it can act as a promotional tool for other topics. When applicable, you should attempt to find places throughout each article to link to different pieces you’ve created. This deepens the outreach and coverage of your content. Don’t overdo it though! It’s important that your articles aren’t overwhelmed by hyperlinks.

Start treating your LinkedIn business profile like an important part of your marketing efforts. Chances are there’s much more to do with this social media client than you’re aware of. Take advantage of it to stay ahead of your competition.