Methods of Branding – The 3 Essentials


Efficient brand management is a key success factor for organizations. But how do you build and shape a brand? Employ strategic methodology in your branding efforts to maximize brand reach and enhance your positioning. Here are the three essential methods of branding.

Insider Branding Method

Leveraging your positioning is a key brand management principle and is bolstered by solid insider branding, which is positioning your company as an expert within discourses to key groups. The result of successful insider branding is access to vital – and often free – marketing channels where your brand is established as authentic. The insider branding method necessitates immersion before you can begin. Join some groups both in the digital and physical spaces. Follow influencers on social media. And, most importantly, engage with that community. Once you’ve found your place in the group, the branding part is easy – you’ll see a path emerge soon.

Engage in the community and find influencers in your space.

Remember, ensure you’re not trying to get your brand to identify using cultural appropriation. For instance, if your company sells kitchen equipment and you want your brand to identify strongly with Italian cooking, you shouldn’t appropriate traditional visuals or key messaging from Italian culture to position your brand as an insider. This will likely alienate your brand from your target group and make you seem inauthentic. Forge your own way into the group you’re targeting.

Identification Branding Method

A top goal for brand managers is to have customers co-opt the brand and make it their own. The result of successful identification branding is customer-evangelizing content that drives a more authentic message. Just consider the influencer marketing principle that a third party is more trustworthy than the company selling the product. The identification branding method is about community building. Social media mediums already give you the forum but don’t function independently. You need to find your voice within the community to orient it towards your branding needs. Then you need to engage with users as they start to contribute. The company must be a part of the conversation and should be active.

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One way to boost your identification branding is by utilizing user-generated content. Once you’ve found influencers within the community you can give them exclusive access to your other content mediums, such as your blog. A great way to get started on this is through a contest. You could even make it brand related. Keep in mind that employing the identification method of branding gives away some control. Subsequent attempts by the organization to recapture the brand from the community and reorienting it to new company goals could seem like a hostile takeover and jeopardize the brand entirely.

Personalized Branding Method

Individualized, custom branding is the newest method of branding for brand managers to employ and is quite effective. It’s an easy way to gain a foothold in insider marketing and pushes the limits of identity branding. A great example of personalized branding is the Coca-Cola bottle customization project. Customers can visit the page, enter in any name and see a preview of that name on their favorite type of Coke. Give it a try, if you haven’t already.

Enhance Your Methods of Branding

As you build your brand, you need to organize your brand assets and keep them accessible to all who represent it. A great way to enhance your method of branding is to use a cloud digital asset management (DAM) system. Learn more about how DAM could be the center of your branding efforts in the ebook below.