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Online proofing – Creating comment efficiency

by Casey Schmidt  |  November 22, 2019

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Online proofing

Organizations recognize the importance in quality feedback when content is introduced to the market. Online proofing turns the feedback process into an efficient, transparent operation. If you’re a business looking to expand your understanding of the market, customers and how to streamline projects, this article is for you.

What is online proofing?

Online proofing efficiently handles the review portions of a project. It centralizes feedback for better communication and higher completion rates. The absence of traditional feedback systems such as CRM entice mistakes, duplicates and extra work. Online proofing creates transparency in review and analysis.

Online proofing automates the process of online project approval. It also provides companies with better understanding of transactions and accounting details. Furthermore, it gives companies a chance to connect with customers on a deeper level. This happens when they allow customers to suggest ideas for products and services.

A woman smiles at the camera as she works at her office on a laptop.
By improving feedback, online proofing systems create strong efficiency.

Enhanced project efficiency

An online proofing system takes all the moving parts of a project and brings them together. This ignites a singular process toward a specific goal. Because of this, departments have an easier time with feedback processes. Using this helpful tool, marketers quickly provide feedback to creators. With improved tracking of project situations, businesses have concrete information about campaigns.

With feedback systems automated, teams create projects suitable for target markets. As marketers relay previous project results to creators, it results in applicable campaigns. These campaigns, of course, meet the needs of customers much better. Think of automating systems like widening the scope of customer outreach. As the feedback system becomes more efficient, so do the customer-specific projects.

Three team members review a laptop.
Feedback leads to efficient projects between team members.

Tighter collaborative teams during campaigns

With a more direct, consolidated feedback, collaboration strengthens across each department. As projects move toward completion, the centralization of feedback from these systems ensures users are on the same page. The system is a place where all communication concerning content is happening simultaneously and cooperatively.

The time-saving benefits for organizations are evident in feedback simplification, which stems from the central location of feedback. As a result of this centralization, reviewers note other comments and criticisms, which reduces duplicate comments or invalid reports. Online collaboration gives users the correct comments every time and helps them meet deadlines.

A young woman at a modern office uses a laptop on a desk.
Online proofing systems generally lead to more collaborative teams during projects.

Valuable product and service insight

There are two positive aspects of this that must be addressed. The first is the vast improvement in products and services thanks to customer comments. As the level of feedback increases, companies have a better chance to gauge what needs improving with their products or services. The stronger the practice of online proofing, the stronger company products can become.

The second thing this extra insight helps with is it creates a connection between company and customer. Certain reviews especially allow companies to bond with customers and clients and improve their future transactions. Further, they offer the chance for other customers to see how a company operates.

A man and woman in an office review a board of notes.
Online proofing increases a company’s insight into their own product.

Unique file-sharing aspects

A lot of systems require a file-sharing cloud or provide their own. This is where a company thinking creatively could utilize a digital asset management system side-by-side with its online proofing tool. Canto DAM has made file-sharing a priority, ensuring organizations can share valuable assets quickly and securely. It boosts communication and improves the feedback process.

In the end, projects need to meet the needs of a company. Without the efficient use of feedback, those needs either take too long to be met or won’t be met at all. Streamline the entire process and increase efficiency with online proofing systems.