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Powering your sales team with DAM

by Catherine Chiang  |  October 16, 2019

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Sales enablement has become an essential function of marketing teams. The collateral that marketing teams create can power a sales team’s success and drive revenue, but it’s critically important that sales can easily find and use this content.

Here’s how four teams use Canto to equip their sales teams with the assets they need to succeed!

United Airlines

united airlines plane frankfurt

United Airlines connects people all over the world with thousands of domestic and international flights daily. They needed to arm their global team of 800 sales managers with access to important announcements about products and flight routes.

The marketing team created a sales portal with Canto, providing their sales team with a one stop shop for all the assets they need.

“There is a link to the Canto sales portal on our Salesforce homepage that field reps use all the time to access forms, ebooklets, training materials and other assets,” says Kaitlyn Daleidyn, communication and design manager at United Airlines.

The sales team loves this easy-to-use solution so much that several field managers have emailed Kaitlyn to say thanks for making it so easy!

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Falcon Structures

A man working in a shop.

Falcon Structures creates customizable modular container-based structures, revolutionizing the construction industry. In the sales process, visual assets help show exactly what Falcon Structures can accomplish for their customers and are key to closing deals.

Falcon Structures uses Canto to streamline sales enablement by creating a sales portal that makes it easy to access content quickly.

“Everything sales needs to see is in the portal. They can only see and use what they need to on a daily basis, which makes the user experience much easier. It works really well for us,” says Krista Short, marketing director at Falcon Structures.

The sales team can now easily find images and share them via a Canto link that directs the prospect to a professional, Falcon-branded interface. The team also frequently uses Canto’s Google Chrome plug-in to drag and drop images directly from Canto into email conversations with prospects and customers, further simplifying their workflows.

“A prospect might come to us and say, ‘We have a particular style of office that we’re looking for with this unique feature, which might be an oddball thing for you.’ And our sales team can say, ‘Actually we’ve done something very similar for another customer – in fact, I have a photograph that I can share with you.’ To be able to easily search for that particular product and then email it over was just unheard of with Google Drive, but we can do that with Canto,” says Krista.

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Visit Seattle

Visit Seattle Streamlines Media Outreach to Drive Record-Breaking Tourism
Photo Credit: Visit Seattle

Visit Seattle is a destination marketing organization that helps attract visitors from all over the world to the Emerald City. One of the ways they do this is by bringing events to the Washington State Convention Center in downtown Seattle. Their sales team uses imagery of the space to communicate with event organizers.

With Canto, the sales team can find and access assets they need while they’re in the field. Sales representatives can quickly download the images they need to create presentations on the fly or communicate with prospects and clients. Canto’s intuitive user interface empowers the sales team to self-serve.

“Canto is really easy to understand. It’s rare that people come to me for help with Canto, because it’s just so intuitive,” says David Newman, creative director at Visit Seattle.

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Boral North America

A house with a natural stone facade.

The Stone Division at Boral North America manufactures high quality stone veneer for commercial and residential buildings. Boral North America’s five stone product lines are each sold by different distributors and used by different sales and architectural teams across North America. Product lines are specific to certain regions of the country, so each sales representative needs to have access to only the brands they’re working with to avoid confusion.

The marketing team puts approved photos into a sales portal that the sales team can easily pull from while they’re on the road. This has empowered the sales team to self-serve and virtually eliminated image requests to the marketing team.

“We ensure that each file name has the stone profile, brand name and stone color in it, so it’s easy for anyone to find the exact product they’re searching for. The photos that are ready get put into Canto portals,” says Alessandra Roqueta, marketing manager at the Stone Division at Boral North America.

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