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Should you take content creation in-house?

by Catherine Chiang  |  March 5, 2020

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Brands are rewriting the rules of content creation in 2020, investing in more in-house content. As consumers demand more in-depth and high-quality content, brands are turning to in-house teams to deliver content that stands out from the crowd.

But is this the right move for your brand? Here are some questions to ask when making this decision.
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Does your content require subject matter expertise?

The best content will provide useful information and fresh insights, and this usually requires subject matter expertise. If your product or service is particularly niche or technical, it pays to have an expert, or someone who has access to experts, create the content.

An in-house content creator who has access to domain experts, such as leaders at your company and team members who live and breathe the product, will be able to connect with your target audience better than an agency or contractor that doesn’t have this access.

Does your team need to be more agile?

Having an in-house content team means that your company can create content more quickly. Cathay Pacific decided to in-source their content creation as well as their digital asset management so that their team could respond more quickly to content needs and be more productive.

“Essentially, what we’re doing is trying to insource and share more,” Daniel, assistant production manager at Cathay Pacific, says. “One of the key benefits of having an in-house team is that we can respond to briefs a lot more quickly, making us agile and more productive and resulting in a lot more content-sharing.”

Do you want to invest in developing a consistent brand voice?

The bigger and more recognizable a brand gets, the more important it is that the brand experience is consistent. Hiring outside writers and content creators runs the risk of brand inconsistency.

If brand consistency is a priority, it pays to have an in-house content team that lives and breathes your brand.