Slack Alternatives – 5 Underrated Chat Apps


A serendipitous discovery can take a common item or software and turn it into a vital resource. Interestingly enough, Slack was originally a chat tool developed for video games, until the creator realized it had more value as a team chat app for businesses.

Slack has firmly cemented itself as the king of the chat apps, but researching others optimizes your tool selection. Here are five unique Slack alternatives that provide effective team chat and creative benefits that differ from the norm.

Slack Alternative – Rocket.Chat

Rocket.Chat is a free-to-use, open-source chat app. It streamlines communication by circumventing slow processes such as email and opening creative opportunities through different team channels. Projects are completed quicker with instant chat among members. Rocket.Chat is a strong choice for businesses wishing to create a more commutative environment.

Rocket.Chat pushes creative boundaries through expanded communication.

Where Rocket.Chat stands out in comparison with Slack is its price (free) and numerous features specifically designed to make it work best for organizations hoping to find a more secure tool than Slack. The extensive encryption features within chats make Rocket an intriguing choice to handle your company’s entire chat functions.

Slack Alternative – Fleep

An underrated feature of Fleep is its phone support, something a lot of startups are moving away from. For a lot of businesses, phone support is going to be a crucial component of softwares, as sometimes online support just doesn’t cut it. Though online support will be acceptable for most situations, there will always be a few times where phone support will be appreciated.

The tool that will catch most user’s eyes on Fleep is the task feature. Adding tasks to conversations can ensure team members remember certain project details and goals. With the numerous goals and details specific to business projects, Fleep seems like a strong choice for a Slack alternative.

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Fleep offers traditional services, such as phone support.

Slack Alternative – Google Hangouts

An advantage of deciding on Google Hangouts for your business it the fact many members will already be connected to Google’s other tools such as Gmail. This is a convenience that Slack lacks. Keeping pressure off team members is a valuable option, so look for Google Hangouts to replace Slack if you’re interested in an easy setup process. The chat options of Hangouts are vast, spanning from team chats, to conferences and video calls. Google Hangouts has the potential to serve a company’s messaging and calling needs completely.

Slack Alternative – Skype

Skype has been used for chat among friends and family since the early days of the millennium, and now a lot of business chats are being conducted on the software. Take advantage of this Slack alternative that has been right under your nose for years, and turn it into a valuable chat resource.

Skype has some unique value as a Slack alternative.

Skype is a free tool with all the basic resources needed for successful chat, including video calls and messaging. Where Skype thrives is its interface is easy to use and the quality of calls is extremely high, considering the free price tag. For a business, both the quality of the call and the price of the phone system will be taken into account when considering Skype.

Slack Alternative – Cisco Jabber

Cisco Jabber is the team chat app most likely to function the strongest within a business, as it’s designed specifically for companies looking to utilize team chat. Slack presents itself as a business-friendly app, but a lot of businesses are unsatisfied with some of its features and limitations. That’s where Jabber thrives as a replacement. Consider Jabber if you’re an organization looking to take your team communication to a more professional level.

Business teams will thrive with Cisco Jabber.

Jabber is extremely versatile, handling the chat, video and other communication needs of an organization. It also allows for mobile use and offers strong security options for each type of communication use.

Still Want to Stay With Slack?

There are some interesting Slack alternatives available, but Slack is sometimes going to best fit your needs. Luckily, Slack is a great chat app for business, offering important features such as secure messaging and powerful Integrations. For businesses considering a digital asset management system,  Canto DAM integrates with Slack. Users are able to immediately pull from their DAM asset storage source into a Slack message.

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