Slack Collaboration – 3 Keys to Boosting Success


Businesses use Slack for messaging needs and assume they’ve boosted collaboration. Though this may be the case, there’s more work to do with the Slack system. Here are three underutilized methods to effectively enhance your company’s Slack collaboration efforts.

Transparency With Shared Commutative Channels Beyond Team Members

Members communicate through specific chat channels on Slack to stay connected on projects. Something that businesses should take advantage of is Slack’s ability to open channels to users outside the company. For example, clients, merchants and business partners.

A young man sitting at a table excitedly explains something to two co-workers.
Extend Slack channels beyond your company’s team members.

Linking up with outside users offers transparency to potential consumers and builds stronger relationships with other companies based on trust. It enhances the communication back and forth between the users, and ensures work is completed effectively.

Enhanced Connectivity Among Project Members to Clarify Goals and Boost Creativity

When people think of communication through Slack, they usually imagine users typing back and forth to one another through an instant messaging screen. Though this is the main method of communication in the popular tool, there are other features that could enhance creativity and clarity. Consider expanding connectivity in every way possible to ensure projects have the highest percentage for success.

Users can talk face-to-face and screen share, giving the opportunity to explain more complex ideas with emotional indicators and accent. For example, the goal of a project may be warped if its a feature with roots in sarcasm or satirical foundation. With a video call, team members can better explain the purpose and dive into the potential sarcastic wit.

A woman is standing at a conference table and smiles, while her co-workers are listening and working on their laptops.
Clarity is increased with Slack’s different forms of communication.

Finally, a balance between messaging and video calls is possible in the form of traditional voice calls. Voice calls allow a more private form of communication over video, and a stronger way to relay information than messaging.

Strengthened Recall and Project Accuracy Through Search Functionality

Strong memory is an undervalued characteristic of team members in businesses today, so it’s no surprise Slack implemented a system that could act as memory for each user. As a campaign progresses, teams can utilize the search function of Slack to recall bits of information previously discussed.

A young woman with a thoughtful facial expression is taking notes, while sitting at a table with a laptop.
The Slack chat feature strengthens team recall capability.

Searching in Slack extends to specific keywords and phrases talked about during Slack use. As a project changes phases, there will be setbacks or needs to revisit completed stages. These revisits require the use of Slack search to find topics and ideas from the stage.

Empower your business by taking Slack’s messaging powers and enhancing them to create the ultimate collaborative environment. Access obscure pieces of Slack’s capabilities to drive success.

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