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Slack collaboration: 3 tips to work smarter

by Canto  |  November 30, 2020

2 min. read
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Slack is the must-have chat application for businesses with collaboration at the heart of their online interactions. Not only does Slack effortlessly integrate with leading business software, but it also has expansive capabilities that improve communication.

Slack enables creative teams to share thoughts and ideas on the fly. But maybe an even more important quality is the collaborative nature of this popular messenger service. Sometimes you need to consolidate information for projects to succeed. Sync teams to ensure tasks are clear and expectations are met.

Here are three hot tips on how Slack empowers entire departments to better collaborate.

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1. Slack connect for external collaborations

Chat with freelance designers, a vendor or an outside organization with Slack Connect. Embrace a secure environment and create channels that enable you to chat beyond organizational lines. Link up with agencies, partners or auditors outside of your enterprise and coordinate projects in real-time. Boost productivity as you work with as many as 20 organizations in a single online space.

Slack Connect builds relationships with external collaborators as you increase your organization’s communication capacities. Consolidate external information in a chat channel to improve transparency and streamline workflows.

2. Integrations for every business occasion

Slack Integrations give your business the tools they need to have success. They provide ample opportunity to clarify collaborative goals and organize tasks. A particularly popular plugin is Zoom. Hop from a channel into a Zoom call and enter a conference room setting with a click of a button. A fun feature of Zoom is a virtual whiteboard.

When collaborating in large teams the ability to update workflows and operate in real-time is invaluable. Asana is a workflow software used to update, monitor and execute tasks for multiple projects. Integrations give your organization the ability to power ahead of the competition.


3. Group chats for projects

The ability to have a one-to-one conversation or work in a group setting presents opportunities to silo or brainstorm projects. Work on your own or focus on the needs of your whole team. Slack group chats organize projects and people in a manner that increases productivity.

Slack’s ability to shine a light on successes through the recall of discussion points is a user-friendly perk. Multiple search functions allow you to easily locate a conversation or share assets.

Chat search options:

  • Workspace
  • File
  • Person

Slack is a chat application that creates a unified online working environment and organizes team collaboration. Explore Slack capabilities and drive your future projects towards success with full transparency.