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How Slack improves the way you manage projects

by Canto  |  November 27, 2020

3 min. read
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Strategy leads project management and is reflective of a team effort to meet objectives within an agreed timeframe. Whether human resource requests or hosting stakeholder meetings, how teams share information has a big influence on project success.

Slack is the chat app you’ll likely know well. It allows people to share files and information in real-time with whoever needs it. Slack is an online communication tool with multiple channel options and expansive enterprise reach capabilities. Utilize software features that organize and streamline tasks and watch your management toolbox grows.

Let’s look at some Slack project management features worthy of recognition for the support they provide to teams.

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Review conversations and automate notifications

Searchable versions of chat histories mean team members can keep track of project developments and personal responsibilities. Traceable versions of key discussion points allow for improved accuracy when working on a project with multiple members of staff. Referring back to exact phrases and instructions within a channel provides clarity and defines project touchpoints.

Slack has an automation feature that allows users to set up reminders. As a project builds, it often requires more people. Automate reminders to bring in design teams or establish a launch date.

Versatile communication options:

  • Direct message capabilities
  • Mentions in channel using @ plus name
  • Slackbot automation
  • A thread reply within a channel

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Reach teams beyond your organization

Project management often requires working with external organizations. This could be a design agency, law firm or PR team. Ensuring information is being shared in a timely and secure manner helps external collaborators stay connected. Slack is a leader when it comes to extending the lines of communication beyond an immediate team.

Choice of assistance tools:

  • Task assignment and track availability
  • Real-time collaboration and communication
  • Retrieve conversations /channels: history
  • Set a reminder option /remind
  • Private note taking option /notes

Keep projects on track and in sync

Stay up to speed and remain in sync with team members through the utilization of Slack integrations. Initiate, monitor and complete a project using third-party tools that invite organizations to plug in and align with existing software. Centralize your project communications via Slack and bring teams closer together as you combine daily workflow software.

3 integration benefits:

  • Streamline tasks and manage projects from a single online space
  • Harness collaboration to improve efficiency and grant instant user access
  • Ensure teams are kept in the loop with real-time communication

The benefits of Slack integrations cannot be underestimated. Accessing files and sharing assets across departments is easy to do and unobtrusive to any form of communication. If teams need clarification or want to get in sync, real-time video interactions can be immediately arranged with a couple of clicks.

Users can share links and attachments via slack channels. Grant access to assets for whoever needs it whenever user rights are required. Update workflow management software via a chat app that reduces the need for in-person meetings, and thins out lengthy email threads that cause confusion.

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Slack Connect allows an organization to create channels that link teams up with external partners or clients. Not only does this expedite a project but it also increases sales potential.

Slack allows you to move from team to department channel and link with external organizations as a project grows. This far-reaching communicative functionality allows a business to choose how and when to communicate and check-in with collaborators and clients.