Slack Project Management – Dynamic Functions


When a company decides on using Slack for its messaging needs, they do so with the goal of success in mind. Companies choose Slack to succeed with their business, and Slack is the tool they plan on using to accomplish it. Part of this potential to succeed comes from Slack’s ability to ease the complications of project management. As the way businesses use Slack continues to evolve, the need to stay up-to-date on optimal uses of Slack is paramount. Here are some important new ways to optimize Slack project management capabilities.

Convert Conversation Into Reviewable Documentation

Conversation among team members during a project holds valuable information that many will find important enough to want to revisit at a later time. This includes digital chat conversation. Slack has a search feature that turns conversation into stored reviewable documentation. Users can recall previous discussions through the search function.

A young woman is smiling at the camera while sitting at a table and typing on her laptop.
In Slack, chat logs become searchable information for team members.

Projects depend on users ability to recall and gather information, regardless if it was specifically indicated that it should be stored. Luckily, Slack’s search function makes this decision for users, and to the benefit of companies.

Integrations That Spotlight Project Management Features

The luxury of Slack helps team leaders manage projects knowing certain tasks will be guided to completion properly. However, it’s clear Slack can’t be solely relied upon to smooth over every step of the project. This is where strong integrations boost effectiveness.

Canto digital asset management is the perfect tool to integrate with Slack, as all valuable digital assets can be instantly shared to Slack from DAM. This strongly boosts communication among team members.

A smiling woman is looking at the camera while sitting at a desk and working on a laptop.
Powerful integrations enhance the project management capability of Slack.

Enhance Communication and Interdepartmental Transparency

Understand the power of focus has within projects to reach greater success. Focus in Slack is best obtained through the use of the channels feature, giving users ways to stay within the correct thread of discussion for particular issues, tasks and goals.

First and foremost, this boosts communication through simple connectivity. It also gives a project better transparency, particularly interdepartmental transparency. This is because teams are able to see what others are working on, keeping everyone informed and involved. This also reduces error and setbacks in each phase of a project.

A female professional is standing in a modern office, looking at the camera, while in the background seven coworkers are busy talking or working on their computers.
Slack channels create accurate projects.

Personalize Notifications to Reach Specific Team Members

The notification tool is one of Slack’s greatest features, capable of keeping projects on-track through constant electronic notices. Extend the benefits of Slack notifications by personalizing them and manipulating their reach to alert specific team members only.

As groups are formed during a project, the communication amongst teams will mostly remain contained to relevant members. As such, notifications should follow suit. With Slack, notifications can be set to alert members of specific channels only. This keeps everything focused and uncluttered.

Utilizing Slack to boost project management is a task best accomplished by figuring out deeper features and functions of the messaging tool. Stay ahead of the curve by continually learning new ideas about Slack and the ways it boosts numerous functions of a project.