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3 unlimited cloud storage options

by Canto  |  January 27, 2021

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A phone uploading to the cloud.

Unlimited storage is a must-have for your business in the digital age. Cloud storage enables you to better manage digital assets. But before you invest in a product, it’s important to understand the cloud storage solutions available. Here are three of the best around today and reasons why they could work for you.


A popular third-party vendor with an identifiable brand, Dropbox provides you with the storage space you need. Packages range from Standard to Enterprise, and monthly and yearly payment options are available. The standard package comes with 5TB per user, but as your storage needs increase you can choose a Business, Advanced or Enterprise account. These options are unlimited and come with a host of features.

Live support is a distinct positive that Dropbox provides to customers. This is great for businesses experiencing exponential growth. Customer support provides your business with assistance and server maintenance, freeing up time for your IT team to focus on in-house projects.

3 Dropbox benefits:

  • Seamless application integrations
  • Automatic asset syncing
  • Data wipe options for stolen devices

dropbox computer screen


Box prides itself on providing users with frictionless cloud-storage security. It boasts granular permissions and superior encryption technology. Box also comes with its own ‘Box Drive’. Box files are saved in the cloud, but the drive also makes them searchable via Windows Explorer and Mac Finder. Except for the Starter package, three other plan options come with unlimited storage.

Box centralizes content online in easy-to-use folders that empower teams to better collaborate. Advanced search options and metadata help make sure files are easy to find. Real-time collaboration is also an option for busy teams on the move or working remotely.

3 Box benefits:

  • Previous versions easily available
  • Advanced data security and governance
  • 1,400 established application integrations

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Canto provides businesses with unlimited cloud storage and superior digital asset management solutions. It is a cloud-storage option with administrative controls that allow teams to work together securely. Geotagging and facial recognition options automatically identify files once uploaded to this customizable cloud-storage system. Canto improves team efficiency and makes locating key data or files easy.

Improve campaigns and projects through the automation of manual tasks. The ease of accessibility also allows teams to focus on the task at hand as they hunt for files. Share links come with expiry date options and provide instant access to internal users and external collaborators. Canto excels in simplicity and works intuitively to store and make information accessible.

3 Canto benefits:

  • Extensive metadata features
  • Robust AWS security
  • Superior content sharing options

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Whichever direction you choose to take with your unlimited cloud-storage option, think long term. Features like security and storage space are basic requirements. But as technology advances, it’s beneficial to look at cloud providers who are moving with the times. Choose a storage option that is multifaceted and understands the needs of teams working in the digital space.