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What’s New in Canto: Canto’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration, Media Delivery Cloud, and App Switcher

by Canto  |  March 12, 2024

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Ready to deliver impactful campaigns and new content with maximum efficiency? Check out the latest from Canto that helps you optimize your workflows and accelerate productivity to the max.

Canto and Salesforce integration with a blue background

Deliver on-brand campaigns faster with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Canto’s DAM now integrates directly with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The integration accelerates campaign execution by providing marketing teams access to their Canto library without leaving Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Marketers can now find and access approved and on-brand assets faster than ever before.

Watch now: Canto + Salesforce Marketing Cloud


Canto’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration at-a-glance

  • Streamline campaign creation and get to market faster: Add approved brand images from Canto directly inside Salesforce Marketing Cloud for campaign execution at scale
  • Reuse your best images and boost content ROI: Use Canto’s powerful search features to find your best brand images across marketing campaigns, boosting content ROI
  • Intuitive brand management tools to keep your branding consistent: Find on-brand and approved content from your Canto library inside Salesforce Cloud, and never worry about off-brand or inaccurate content in your campaigns again

Find out more: Canto’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration

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Media Delivery Cloud

Media Delivery Cloud instantly transforms your Canto assets into the sizes and file types you need and publishes them in real-time to your sites, stores, and platforms.

Watch now: Media Delivery Cloud Overview


Canto’s Media Delivery Cloud at-a-glance:

  • Accelerate content to market: Streamline your content workflows by publishing assets instantly from Canto to your e-commerce and web platforms, allowing teams across your organization to focus on higher-value tasks
  • Transform unlimited assets: Media Delivery Cloud’s intuitive UI includes smart cropping to quickly and easily define areas of interest, ensuring every image is meaningful to users
  • Enhance the user experience: Make every user experience exceptional with faster page load times by delivering content from servers close to users. Plus, with our global content delivery network, you get additional SEO benefits

See it in action: Media Delivery Cloud


Laptop computer showing a media library and the appswitcher

Effortlessly navigate between tasks with Canto’s App Switcher

Increase the productivity of every team member using your content library with Canto’s App Switcher, an intuitive new way to find and use your Canto apps.

Canto’s App Switcher at-a-glance:

  • Visible and accessible tools: Use the Canto features you need faster than ever before. The new App Switcher makes it easier to find your Canto tools and get to work
  • Intuitive UI makes your job easier: Canto intuitive interface makes it easier than ever to switch between your key tasks
  • Tools inside the App Switcher: The App Switcher contains your personal library and folders, Portals and Workspaces, Upload links, Asset requests, Style Guides, Workflows, and Reporting

Check it out: Canto’s App Switcher


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