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YouTube has grown from a site where individuals made fun, interesting videos to a massive platform where all types of creators have massive input and opportunities. Companies are able to create business pages to attract new customers and promote products and services. As important as this is, it’s even more important to do it correctly. Here’s a guide with three specific tips to help you build a YouTube brand profile. Before I get into the key tips, let’s make sure you have a basic understanding of YouTube brand accounts and how to make one.

What Is a YouTube Brand Account?

A YouTube brand account is a business-personalized format that allows companies to create YouTube content while representing an enterprise. A YouTube brand account gives companies a chance to build their brand by creating videos available to target audiences. It also acts as a way for new customers to find their way to a business website through links.

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YouTube is a great way for businesses to find new customers.

A brand account is separate from a personal account, though it’s possible to manage both if you are the creator and owner. Besides the video content the account allows you to share, the most important part of a YouTube brand account is the profile. The profile acts as a hub for users to follow your company and respond to new content while locating all of your important links. It also allows for a chance to set the tone, so to speak, with brand colors and themes on the profile page. Now that you know what a brand account is, let’s take a look at how to make one.

How to Create a Brand Account

Because YouTube is owned by Google, the first step to building your own brand account is making a Google account if you don’t have one already. Navigate first to Google, click the blue ‘sign in’ button in the upper right corner, then click the ‘create account’ link. Fill out the details and then navigate to YouTube.

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The first step in the process is creating a Google account.

Now that you have a Google account set up, you can use it to make a brand account on YouTube. Login to your Google account on the YouTube page. Create a new account, using specific brand logos for the avatar image. Make sure to title the account something that defines your business and the channel and content you’ll be releasing. Now that you have a brand account, you’ll want to spruce up your profile. This is the key to maintaining brand consistency for your company. Here are some helpful ways to create a strong profile.

Some Key Tips to Help Build Your YouTube Brand Profile

The most successful YouTube brand profiles follow certain guidelines that appeal to their target audience. These guidelines ensure their profile is an extension of their company website rather than a whole new entity. Use these important tips to succeed:

1. Begin With Brand Solidarity

I can’t stress this point enough – the key to a successful YouTube brand profile is creating a page that represents your company in the exact same manner as all other branding materials. More specifically, build a brand profile that is in-line with other branded assets, such as the company website. This applies to your videos as well – keep the themes and styles within the same throughout. Your YouTube profile page should have the same colors, logos and styles as your company website.

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Brand solidarity is key to success.

When solidarity extends to your profile page, it gives customers a chance to discover your brand and make a seamless transition from the profile to your website. It also reassures users that the content they’re consuming on your YouTube profile is directly from your company and not an imposter of sorts. A good example to consider is Apple’s YouTube profile. They have the exact same color scheme of the Apple website, with some product advertising and a logo. It’s as if the YouTube profile is an extension of their homepage. Strive for these types of results.

2. Build a Page With More Than Just Videos

Certainly, a big part of your profile is the videos. It goes without saying that content will be crucial in bringing in new viewers and customers while keeping current users happy. However, remember that this is only the beginning of the potential power of a brand profile. Here are some ways to make it an experience that fuels success.

You ultimately want your profile page to be a central hub for your brand. Users should interact with it almost as if it were your company homepage. For example, the ‘Featured Channels’ sidebar allows you to put other YouTube channels that are part of your network readily available to viewers. Users can then click another one of your brand profiles directly from your page. Another way the profile page is more than just video content is the potential to bring users to your company website. Though it’s possible that a user watches a video and decides to check out your site directly, they may also want to click directly to it from your brand profile. Add a website link on the page to give that option.

Two users creating a digital profile.
Videos are only one piece of the equation.

3. Avoid (Extra) Advertisements

Before we dig into this subject, it should be clear that this does not mean to avoid advertising in your videos. Your content is going to advertise a brand, no matter how subtly you try to create it. Rather, what I mean by this is you should avoid having video advertisements play at the start of (and throughout) your content.

To demonstrate why this would be disastrous, imagine you sell socks and on the start of one of your YouTube videos, a rival sock company ran an ad. This would hurt your success. Therefore, you’ll want to turn off these ads on your YouTube profile. To do this, navigate to your creator studio. In the ‘Advanced’ section, find the box that says, ‘Allow advertisements to be displayed…’ and uncheck that box if necessary. This will keep your videos solely focused on your products and services.

YouTube is growing in popularity and importance, showing no signs of slowing down. Search engines even feed YouTube videos into search results. Make sure your brand profile is optimized to take advantage of this new reality.

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