Canto for Construction

You must be poised to secure every project with excellent bids. But, if you don’t have a centralized online database, how can you share your best work quickly? You need a visual, field-accessible, client-friendly digital asset management (DAM) platform like Canto.

Win new business with digital asset management

  • Transform creative processes

  • Reshape the market

  • Strengthen your brand

Transform creative processes

Streamline workflows, increase speed

Canto’s DAM streamlines creative operations with easy ways to manage, track, and share large projects and data. Transform collaboration with upload links and gather project and equipment photos right from the field. And Workspaces are a private space that makes collaboration between internal and external teams easier.

A single source of truth

Canto provides your team with an easy-to-use, single source of truth. Wherever your team goes, they can access their digital files right from their Canto media library. That makes it easy to align your creative vision across cities, countries, and continents. And Canto supports many digital media file types, from CAD to MP4 and more — so everyone can use it for every project.

Reshape the market

Unlimited Portals, unlimited audiences

With Canto’s digital asset management platform, you can easily create beautiful, bespoke collections with our unlimited Portals feature. Easily display media about your current client projects or create a curated library with specific assets as part of your bidding process. Distributing your content to clients, prospects, and vendors has never been easier.

Automated regional content showcases

Metadata tagging and geotagging automation are built directly into Canto’s DAM. You can create curated showcases for clients, prospects, internal and external teams, or the press with geotagged maps that display your digital assets as they correlate to your project locations.

Strengthen your brand

Maintain brand consistency

Canto’s interactive Style Guides are a customizable, self-service feature that you can create to include everything your teams need to represent your brand accurately and beat the competition. Create as many Style Guides as you need for internal or external teams.

Keep up with compliance and project archives

Your project archives are a huge asset, and you must ensure that your content is not only available but copyright compliant. With Canto’s DRM, you can track, manage, and restrict access to content for only the users you’ve authorized. Canto keeps your project archives in your library for historical purposes and ensures no misuse.

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Canto customers love our impact

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Canto is flexible, for us this was important as in the past we could not join the creative dots or connect teams worldwide because of various systems and integrations. Canto has the right flexibility for us.


Because of Canto, we’re able to create these services that no one’s ever heard of or seen in the building industry. It’s certainly helping us get more business.


We feel confident and comfortable using Canto for a lot longer. It’s part of our workflow now and part of the Portakabin design studio system. We know we can rely on it and trust it. That’s really important to us.

Construction companies around the world choose Canto


Develop content in a collaborative but private part of your library with Workspaces. You can add contributors to your workspace and work together easily, whether in the office or the field.

Faster workflows

Unlimited Portals

Distribute content to your teams, clients, and prospects in a branded collection with Canto’s Portal feature. The best part? You can have unlimited Portals.

Share collections

Interactive Style Guides

Keep teams on brand with these easily accessible online guides. Fonts, logos, colors, and anything you need to present your brand internally or externally can all be included.

Keep on brand


With Canto’s automated metadata and geotagging features, you can build maps that allow your clients, prospects, and internal teams to see where your current and historical projects are around the world.

Create your maps

Simple pricing

Canto has the simplest pricing model in the DAM market. You’ll never be surprised because there are no hidden costs.

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Manage many file types

Managing digital assets is more than just images. Canto manages all types of files, from CAD to PDF to MP4 and everything in between.

Build the foundation for efficiency

Canto offers Portakabin greater control over digital assets

Portakabin needed a digital library with unparalleled searchability and built-in brand protection. With Canto, Portakabin centralizes, organizes, and shares content like it’s nobody’s business.

DAM changed everything

Secrets to Building and Scaling a Successful Brand Identity

Brand is everything. In construction, being able to convey trust with your brand is imperative. Canto has tips to help you strengthen your brand and find a brand management system that works for your team.

Build your brand

Imhotep generates more architectural design business with Canto

Imhotep needed to organize massive client portfolios with images, videos, and documents for construction sites. With Canto, they easily collect assets and make them readily available, leading to more business.

How they generate business

Break new ground with Canto

Construction organizations like yours are using Canto to reshape how they do business.