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Easily manage and share images, documents, and other digital content from a central location.

A simple yet powerful solution, Canto has helped thousands of teams take control of their content libraries and get more out of their digital assets.

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How digital asset management helps companies in the healthcare sector

Desktop view of DAM for healthcare in Canto
Mobile view of DAM for healthcare in Canto

All of your digital content in one place

Centralize content from scattered storage solutions into a single, searchable library. With Canto, there’s no more sifting through folders or hunting down files. Everyone in your organization always knows where to find all the digital content they need.

Green shield with the Canto logo on top in the middle surrounded by three images around the shield. The three images are of two doctors in gowns, masks, and surgical caps performing a procedure on a patient underneath lights with the Adobe Photoshop logo on bottom left; a medical professional’s gloved hand offering medicine with pill bottles in backdrop and a play button overlayed on top of the image; and a speeding ambulance cruising down a street blurred with the Adobe InDesign logo in bottom right. All images are overtop of green organic elements.

Keep content secure and accessible with HIPAA compliance

You care about your customers. So do we. Canto’s HIPAA compliance ensures that your assets are protected, accessible, and secured on Canto’s platform. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Our employees are trained on the latest security threats, and granular asset control is included out-of-the-box for administrators.

Digital assets for healthcare in Canto
Canto’s Search options dialog box

Find files in seconds with smart search features

Looking for a photo of a specific provider? Browse every image they appear in with just a few clicks. Smart search features like facial recognition, text extraction, and AI-assisted tagging save you hours of time and make your content instantly searchable.

Gloved hand lifting with a test tube in a lab
Canto’s digital rights management options dialogue box
Canto’s expiration date dialogue box showing asset is expired

Manage digital rights and protect your brand’s intellectual property

With Canto’s built-in digital rights management features, it’s easy to protect your organization’s content – and avoid misusing digital assets yourself. You can track copyright information, apply terms of use, link images with consent forms, and more.

Green healthy drink in a clear glass with a kiwi slice on right top of glass to accentuate the drink. Behind the glass are different green vegetables and kiwi slices with an orange bowl in top left corner. The bottom left is a cascading image of the same glass from a different angle.
User comment in Canto indicating version update
User comment in Canto stating approval

Empower your team and scale content delivery

Canto frees busy marketing and creative teams from tedious asset requests. People can access approved content themselves – and discover, adapt, and repurpose existing content, preventing duplicate work.

Digital Asset Management

Return on Investment

DAM users are 3x more likely to see a significant increase in content ROI within a year. Estimate your content ROI with our ROI calculator and ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck, with Canto and your content.

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