Canto for Healthcare

Your creative teams need effective ways to fulfill urgent requests and create new content.

Create and share branded, approved, and compliant documents every time with Canto’s HIPAA-compliant digital asset management (DAM) platform.

Scale compliant, on-brand content production with digital asset management

  • Secure your brand

  • Improve collaboration

  • Accelerate creative workflows

Secure your brand

Stay compliant

Canto’s HIPAA-compliant DAM keeps your assets secure and accessible. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Canto employees are trained on the latest security threats, and granular asset controls are included. Also, with DRM to ensure copyright compliance along with user permission and expiration controls, your content always has the right level of access for your teams.

Keep everyone on brand

Keeping your dispersed teams on brand is difficult. Protect and strengthen your brand with brand management features like Style Guides. Canto’s DAM includes interactive and accessible Style Guides to ensure that everyone from internal teams to 3rd party partners can represent your brand accurately.

Improve collaboration

Collect. Collaborate. Share.

Your teams need to collect, collaborate, and share assets efficiently. With most communications via email, assets are getting misplaced and creative changes are missed. Canto's upload links can collect your assets, and private Workspaces make content collaboration a cinch. Also, build beautifully-branded Portals to easily share content.

Empower your entire organization

Cut down on time-consuming content and creative requests. Give anyone with sufficient permissions in your organization on-demand access to your media library, so creatives can focus on creating. Canto’s DAM offers self-service access to authorized users, allowing teams to quickly grab and share content.

Accelerate creative workflows

Optimize creative operations with unparalleled search

You need unparalleled search functionality to find content quickly for use in the latest marketing campaigns. With Canto's powerful search tools, you can easily search for assets across a wide array of metadata like keywords or people. Canto makes it easy to find and repurpose content which multiplies your content value.

One (compliant) place for all your assets

Your teams don't have time to search for multiple assets scattered across shared drives. You need one library to store everything. Canto creates a single HIPAA-compliant library for all your files. You can accelerate creative workflows with greater control over the entire digital asset lifecycle.

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Canto customers love our impact

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Ramsay Pharmacy

Canto helps a lot with deadlines. Having everything easily accessible and searchable increases our productivity. Now it's easier to find. I just type in a product and it’s automatically there.


I think it's a great investment. We use it every day. It's been a great platform for us.

Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

Canto has transformed the way we do business. What used to take us days now literally takes minutes.

Why top healthcare brands select Canto

Digital rights management (DRM)

Easily manage copyright information, user permissions, and watermarks with Canto’s DRM.

Stay compliant

Interactive Style Guides

Going off-brand is a thing of the past with Canto’s interactive Style Guides. Quickly create easy-to-use Style Guides with the correct logos, fonts, and brand colors inside.

Protect your brand

Facial recognition

Leverage Canto's facial recognition to quickly find images of your CEO, physicians, or patients for use in new creative files or current marketing campaigns.

Find people

Unlimited Portals

Distribute your content in beautifully-branded collections for your teams, partners, vendors, and more. Plus, Canto’s Portals are unlimited, so the possibilities are endless.

Share collections

Powerful search

Your entire Canto library is fully searchable — including your content and all their metadata.

Search faster

Many file types supported

Canto’s DAM supports much more than image files. We support every file type your organization could need, including PDF, MP4, CSV, and more.

Keeping your asset library healthy

Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation transforms media outreach with Canto

OMRF stays on the cutting edge of treatment for life-threatening diseases. Now, with Canto, they can use their expansive digital asset library to get their message out to donors in less time.

OMRF’s transformation

How to Streamline Workflows to Overcome Content Chaos

Keeping up with content demand can strain even well-oiled creative teams. Become the content chaos coordinator and rethink your workflows with Canto.

Rein in content chaos

Canto is the right prescription to get Ramsay Pharmacy’s digital assets under control

Ramsay Pharmacy needed to unify their assets and the wide range of supplier assets. They organized their sizeable media library and streamlined their content creation workflows with Canto.

Organize and streamline

Take care of your digital assets with Canto

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