Marketing asset management

How companies handle digital marketing assets

Marketing asset management

Increased performance

Marketing asset management ensures increased company performance

Superior file organization

It keeps all assets organized and easy for everyone to locate quickly

Better searches

Marketing asset management offers teams superior asset searches

Two colleagues sit at a table and use a laptop, on which a cloud symbolically combines different media formats and other symbols to form a cloud storage.

What is marketing asset management?

Marketing asset management controls brand and marketing assets in a centralized location so they can be easily searched and shared. It helps marketers by maintaining limitless important digital assets. Marketing asset management helps companies handle marketing assets like e-mails, presentations and documents.

Common benefits

Marketing asset management ensures marketing teams have access to all necessary digital marketing content. This accessibility helps teams complete campaigns on time. It also boosts collaboration and creativity through superior team communication.

Marketing asset management fulfills the needs of both the marketing team and the customer. It also stores digital marketing content, allowing users to locate what they need as fast as possible. This is helpful when creating time-sensitive projects.

A jigsaw puzzle composed of various symbols representing marketing channels, media formats and software features.

Who needs marketing asset management?

Companies who would benefit from an efficient, streamlined workflow need marketing asset management. It prevents duplicate content mistakes and ensures teams know which file to use. Ultimately, companies who want stronger oversight of marketing assets would strongly benefit from this management system.

On the keyboard of a laptop there is a pile of small cubes of different colors, each carrying a symbol, for example for photography, video, chat, text, email, audio, Internet and email.

Supplemental software

The best way to boost your marketing asset management is by adding systems that sync well with it. Digital asset management, for example, goes hand-in-hand with the purpose of marketing asset management. This is due to the fact it furthers the storage, organization and delivery of digital marketing assets.

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