Marketing Asset Management


Marketing asset management (MAM) efficiently organizes your full range of marketing and brand assets for maximum impact and ROI.

What Is Marketing Asset Management


Marketing asset management stores and organizes brand and marketing assets so they can be easily shared internally or externally. These assets could be logos, designs, images, videos, photography and many other types of media.

These assets need to stay up-to-date while not creating duplicate content – and MAM systems maintain meticulous metadata and have version controls. They also ensure proper digital rights management practices to protect your company against copyright infringement.

marketing asset management
marketing asset management

The Challenge of Marketing Asset Management


Ad-hoc file management solutions like internal server folders, ftp and file storage solutions like Dropbox don’t offer the right tools for marketing asset management. They offer little help with versioning, little or no support with digital rights and only rudimentary ways to link files together in the way that marketing professionals need when managing marketing materials. All of this can grind your creative and marketing operations to a halt.

The need to keep marketing assets organized is tantamount to a marketing department’s success. Marketing asset management provides the methodology and tools to manage all the marketing assets that you must leverage for product or service marketing success.

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Digital Asset Management Is the Solution

Digital asset management (DAM) easily provides the tools for marketing asset management but allow marketers to use the system across the organization with many different file types, integrations and features. Such features include: versioning, metadata, privacy controls, permissions, security, relations, image watermarking, low res, sharing, integrations with other systems and much more.

digital rights management

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